Welcome to the Stanley Riiks Blog!

Welcome to the Stanley Riiks blog… This is his excuse to write about his favourite subject: himself!

Stanley Riiks is a genius. It’s official, he’s a signed up member of MENSA and everything. Oh, and it’s pronounced Ricks if you were wondering. Stanley Riiks describes himself as the action man of fiction. He can prove it if you like.

Stanley Riiks is a writer and critic, currently more critic than writer, his work has appeared in numerous magazines, journals and books.

Stanley Riiks enjoys starting every sentence with his name and writing about himself in the third person. It makes him feel more important.

Apart from writing and critiquing Mr Riiks (yes, you may call him that) leads a scholarly life involving as much sex, money, travel, crime and punishment as possible. There is also some alcohol involved in there somewhere.

His latest project is as Reviews Editor and lead reviewer for Morpheus Tales magazine of horror, science fiction and fantasy. www.morpheustales.com

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