No Reviews – Clive Barker – Eagerly Awaited

I’ve been busy the past few weeks reading Clive Barker’s Imajica. Not terrible, just hideously long. Quite a marathon it eventually ended up taking six weeks of my life. Time I’ll never get back! More soon, the review will come eventually.

At the moment I’m working on a couple of reviews for Morpheus Tales Magazine, Wintercraft and The Gemini Factor, will be heading to the pages of the Morpheus Tales Reviews Supplement. Hopefully when the next one comes out in July, fingers crossed!

The book I’ve been waiting for since just after christmas, Soul Stealers By Andy Remic has been delayed! Grr! Angry Robot, the publishers, have delayed the publication until October due to them leaving Harper Collins and hooking up with Ospray Publishing.  I’m really not bothered who the robot people are cosying up with as long as they publish Soul Stealers! And soon!

I’ve never been so excited waiting for a book to come out. Soul Stealers is the second book in the Clockwork Vampire Chronicles, the first novel in the series, Kell’s Legend was definitely the highlight of my reading year. It made me feel like a young boy again! Took me back to reading my first Conan novel at the age of fourteen, which was the start of my love or all things fantasy, horror and SF.

Come on Angry Robot, sort of it! I want Soul Stealers! And I want it now!

Tip of the day: Never anger a critic!

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