Morpheus Tales #15 Supplement Out Now!

The January issue of the MT Supplement is out not to accompany the launch of Morpheus Tales #15!

Go check out the free online magazine:

41 pages of genre non-fiction, including interviews with authors Andy Remic, Mark Morris and Bruce Bethke, Scream Queen Kachina Dechert and Ghoultown lead signer Lyle Blackburn, columns by Alan Spencer on Coping with Obscurity in the Horror Market, Trevor Wright on his Scariest Scary Movie, Simon Marshall-Jones offers his Ramblings of a Tattooed Head, Voodoo Jim Lesniak on series or serials in From the Catacombs, and Stanley Riik’s A Year in Reviews column and awards, plus loads of book and movie reviews! The Morpheus Tales Supplement accompanies MT#15 which launched 1st of January 2012

You can also get a free preview of MT#15 the fiction print magazine or order your copy on the Morpheus Tales website:

Happy new year!

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