13: Tales of Dark Fiction – Reviewed

13: Tales of Dark Fiction has received another outstanding review!

Described as a “spine-tingling anthology”, “top names from the horror authors of today are included in this collection”, “Thirteen glorious tales of horror await your twisted imaginations within the pages of this sick (in a good way) anthology.”

The reviewer says of my story:

“The next short story is “Desperate Measures,” by Stanley Riiks. It is a first-person post-apocalyptic tale of survival despite the odds and the horrendous difficuties the remnants of humanity have to face just to even find enough food to eat. That is a very real problem the narrator of this gem deals with, and he takes up residence in an abandoned hospital (or is it abandoned?), trying to scavenge and catch whatever vermin he can to keep himself alive. This includes delicacies that most of us would be disgusted to try, such as rats and cockroaches. Oh, and humans–did I forget to mention humans? And then, what if you could no longer find anything around you to eat, but you were slowly starving to death? Would you make…the ultimate sacrifice?”

Make you want to buy it doesn’t it!

Available from lulu.com and all good booksellers


Available as an ebooks in many formats:



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Soon available elsewhere!

You can read the full review here:



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