HEAT WAVE By Richard Castle – Reviewed

It’s not often I read tie-in novels, not after that hideously torturous first five pages of Aliens I tried to read back in the nineties (I think I’m scarred for life!). But this one is a bit different.

For those of you who don’t know Richard Castle (the writer of this novel) is the titular character in the light-hearted comedic TV crime-thriller series Castle. Yep, he’s a character in a TV series, and here he is writing a book, because in the series he’s a crime writer following the gorgeous Detective Kate Beckett as she works Homocide, helping her solve the cases with his unique perspectives. The Nikki Heat books are based on some of Castle’s experiences with Kate, and this is the first novel.

So, Nikki Heat and her crew are investigating the murder of a millionaire property developer, followed by journalist Jameson Rook (Castle)… There’s not much more to it than that, Heat and Rook investigate, fight, and build up a case against our suspect/s.

The characters are based on those in the TV series, the tone is similar, with a good amount of humour and bickering between the two main characters, the crime investigation story moves along at a good pace, and it’s entertaining as hell. This is seriously fun, with plenty of in-jokes for the fans, but it’s welcoming enough for the casual reader with a swiftly moving investigation and quickly developed characters. Perfect holiday reading. Like the TV show this is as light-hearted as a crime thriller can be, no need to think, just relax and enjoy.

Those familiar with the show will find a lot to enjoy in the book, and those looking for a crime thriller with some humour and engaging characters will also enjoy it, but this is hardly cutting edge crime.

I particularly enjoyed the acknowledgements, and as a fan of the show, I couldn’t help but be drawn in. I will be looking forward to Naked Heat, the second book in Castle’s series. I feel even more part of the show than ever before!

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