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THE KING OF PLAGUES By Jonathan Maberry – Reviewed

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If you’ve ever read a Joe Ledger novel you’ll know what to expect coming into this one, which is the third book in the series. Joe is a former Baltimore cop drawn into working for Church, the head of the mysterious US Government organisation called The Department of Military Sciences. When the London Hospital in Whitechapel, London is blown up Ledger is called upon to investigate, but the thousand killed in the hospital blast are just the first in a rein of terror planned by the Seven Kings, a powerful terrorist organisation that spans the globe. Can Ledger and his team thwart the terrorists as he chases them around the world always one step behind…

The Ledger novels are kind of modern James Bond stories, part thriller, part pulp novel, all action. The mix is intoxicating, and Maberry writes with a speedy style that keeps you reading (page turner), and excited (edge of your seat).

Ok, so there always seems to be a point where things turn from going drastically downhill, no matter how desperate the situation is the goodies always work out who and what’s going on, and it’s usually a touch deus ex machina… It’s a little clumsy in this book, but can be overlooked.

Blisteringly entertaining, global and intense, Maberry delivers the kind of thriller that will have you begging for more. Bring on book four!

DRAGON By Clive Cussler – Reviewed

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I read my last Clive Cussler book a little before I bought this one, way back in 1990. Then I was trying to broaden my reading, which basically consisted of every horror novel I could lay my hands on. It’s been on my shelf now for nearly twenty years, but finally I get around to reading it, and it’s not too bad.

Dirk Pitt is Cussler’s American version of James Bond, brought up to date (to a certain extent), but he has very similar skills and manners. A brusque, no nonsense, man’s man. Smack up to date as head of the National Underwater Marina Agency, Pitt even gets himself a sidekick in the form of Giordino.

So, will Pitt be similarly given a grand Bond-Villain, a girl to capture the heart of, seemingly impossible feats and tasks to overcome, and a gripping, edge of your seat finale that sees him save the world. Oh yes. Dragon has all guns blazing!

Pitt is doing some secret underwater mining in the Pacific when a nuclear explosion on a ship miles away alerts him and the US Government of a plot to plant a number of nuclear weapons in strategic locations around the US as a form of industrial terrorism. The enemy, those pesky Japs. (Who were the biggest threat to the US back in the good old days of the early nineties!)

Despite several intelligence agencies knowing about it, Pitt almost single-handedly tracks down the source of the nuclear-cars, and then… well, he gets on with saving the world.

Very reminiscent of the Bond novels, Pitt is the quintessential hero. Despite the modernisation, our hero and the over-the-top enemy, remain so close to the original it’s quite amazing Cussler’s editors let him get away with it.

This book is great fun, exciting and adventurous. Nothing amazing, not that original, and slightly dated, but still great fun.