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THE KING OF PLAGUES By Jonathan Maberry – Reviewed

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If you’ve ever read a Joe Ledger novel you’ll know what to expect coming into this one, which is the third book in the series. Joe is a former Baltimore cop drawn into working for Church, the head of the mysterious US Government organisation called The Department of Military Sciences. When the London Hospital in Whitechapel, London is blown up Ledger is called upon to investigate, but the thousand killed in the hospital blast are just the first in a rein of terror planned by the Seven Kings, a powerful terrorist organisation that spans the globe. Can Ledger and his team thwart the terrorists as he chases them around the world always one step behind…

The Ledger novels are kind of modern James Bond stories, part thriller, part pulp novel, all action. The mix is intoxicating, and Maberry writes with a speedy style that keeps you reading (page turner), and excited (edge of your seat).

Ok, so there always seems to be a point where things turn from going drastically downhill, no matter how desperate the situation is the goodies always work out who and what’s going on, and it’s usually a touch deus ex machina… It’s a little clumsy in this book, but can be overlooked.

Blisteringly entertaining, global and intense, Maberry delivers the kind of thriller that will have you begging for more. Bring on book four!

DEATH’S DISCIPLES By J. Robert King – Reviewed

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Printed with the permission of Morpheus Tales. This review will appear in the Morpheus Tales #12 Supplement, out in April 2011.

I do enjoy a novel that starts with a mid-air explosion, and continues with the action, developing twists and turns that keep you entertained and off-balance all the way to the end. A book that doesn’t hold back, a writer unafraid to go places you don’t expect.

Susan Gardner is the only survivor of the aeroplane crash, the sole witness to the destruction of the plane by terrorists calling themselves Death’s Disciples. There’s only one problem: Susan has amnesia and can’t remember anything before the incident. There is another small problem: the Death’s Disciples aren’t finished yet, and Susan’s about to be attacked, from every possible direction…

To give away any more of the story would take us deep into Spoiler City, and with a novel like this – where half the enjoyment is the discovery of the next plot twist – that’s not a place you want to go.

King ramps up the tension steadily, drip-feeding the twists and turns of the plot, and despite the incredible and almost impossible leaps of faith the reader is expected to take, it actually works. You’re happy to go along with the continuing craziness of the plotting because it’s so much fun, and your suspension of disbelief hangs on (just) throughout.

A quietly incredible novel on a grand scale.