The Team

Matthew Acheson – Writer

Matthew Acheson lives in Orono, Maine. He has worked as an engineer in the telecommunications industry for eleven years and holds Bachelor’s Degrees in Computer Science and Ancient Near Eastern History from the University of Southern Maine. His stories have appeared in Pseudopod, Raygun Revival, Spinetingler, Allegory, Morpheus Tales and others. He enjoys hiking, canoeing, boxing, solving puzzles, putting on treasure hunts for children, travelling, and reading ancient history and genre fiction compulsively. On some cold winter nights you will find him by the fireplace, entertaining his 14 nieces and nephews with strange tales of supernatural horror and the fantastic. His website is

Simon Addams – Writer

Simon Addams is a writer, sideshow performer and record breaking fire-eater.

John William Aldrich – Writer
John William Aldrich is the creator of Leeds, South Carolina, the setting of much of his fiction. To date he has authored one major novel, which is actually a collection of short stories, a made-up autobiography set in Leeds called The Boys of Summer, and several other short fictions either set in or connected to his invented town. One of them, “The Window” was published in the June 2015 issue of The Storyteller magazine.
Mr. Aldrich won a writing award his first year in college and is a Cum Laude graduate of the prestigious University of South Carolina, with a Bachelor’s Degree in the Liberal Arts. He has written over a hundred product reviews, several of which have been published on and Feel free to visit and see his page.
Scarlett R. Algee – Writer

Scarlett R. Algee has worked as a teacher, a librarian, and a media distributor. Currently, she lives and writes in the wilds of Tennessee with a Hound of Tindalos cleverly disguised as a beagle. Her hobbies include reading, writing, and designing quirky jewelry for steampunk aficionados on her Etsy shop, Copperwalk Designs.

Sanford Allen – Writer

Sanford Allen is a writer, musician, blogger and former newspaper reporter from San Antonio, Texas . He gave up on journalism after he found out it’s more fun to tell lies than to uncover the truth. More than two dozen of his horror and dark fantasy stories have been featured in magazines, web publications and anthologies. His band, Boxcar Satan, recently released its fifth full-length CD. Visit him on the web at

Zed Amadeo – Writer

Zed Amadeo is an indie author of fantasy tales blended with a hint of darkness. “Resurrection,” the first in the Kindred series of dark urban fantasy novellas, is now available on the Amazon Kindle store. When not writing fantasy, horror, or literary fiction, Zed can be found blogging about helpful resources for writers and book reviews of little-known or indie works at, or tweeting @ZedAmadeo

Marie Anderson – Writer

Marie Anderson has been published in The Storyteller, Woman’s World, Downstate Story, Writer’s Digest, The Writer,, The Chicago Tribune, and The Chicago Sun-Times. Also, in 2008 one of Marie’s stories won honourable mention in the Writer’s Digest competition, and in 2007, one of her stories won 2nd place in The Silver Quill competition.

Barbra Annino – Writer

Barbra Annino earned her BA in English from Roosevelt University in Chicago while slinging burgers and beer at various bars. Currently, she writes freelance articles for various magazines as well as short fiction. She resides in Galena, Illinois where she is working on her third novel. She welcomes comments and questions. Visit her on the web at,,,, and Facebook.

Ash Arceneaux – Artist

Ash Arceneaux is a graphic design student with many years of traditional art training behind her. She specializes in horror and dark digital art. Many of her art credits include book covers, CD covers, and commissioned murals. Under the name Adra Steia, Ms. Arceneaux writes horror novels. Her online portfolio can be found at, and her website is

Justin Aryiku – Writer

Justin Aryiku is an author of the short story “The Rocking Stone”, and one who has a tendency to dwell on dark things. He has only recently begun to spread his thoughts, and more tales are sure to come. So be watchful of the black corners for those stories with a queer nature.

Michael. R. Baker – Writer

Michael. R. Baker is twenty-six years old and lives in the United Kingdom, in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne with his family. An avid fan of history, he graduated from the University of Sunderland with a Bachelor’s Degree in History and Politics, and he has always found the military history of the world fascinating.
Writing however has always been an interest to him, and throughout his life he has loved writing stories of any length from 100 word shorts to epic-long novels. His ultimate aim in writing is to publish his own fantasy world of Rengar into the world, with the first goal his trilogy Counterbalance, which he hopes he can publish by the end of 2016. He is a very avid video gamer, and hopes to incorporate the creativity of gaming worlds into his writing. With minor publications already under his belt, he hope to get his name out into the bigger leagues soon.

Sharon Baillie – Writer

Dr Sharon Baillie (MSci, PhD) lives in the west coast of Scotland with her husband and two children. As well as appearing in Morpheus Tales (a magazine of horror, science fiction and fantasy) Sharon has also had work published on the Reader’s Digest website (notably lacking in horror, science fiction and fantasy).  Her debut novel, Magenta Opium, was released by New Libri Press electronically in November 2012 and physically in March 2013.  If you search Sharon E Baillie online you’ll find a selection of her published chemical works, although that advice should only be followed if you really want to know about some nifty novel chemistry.  You can find out more about Sharon at

K.C. Ball – Writer

K.C. Ball lives in Seattle , Washington . In addition to Morpheus Tales, her work has appeared in various publications in the United States and Great Britain . Her short fiction, Coward’s Steel, was one of the winners of the 2009 Writers of the Future competition and she is a 2010 graduate of the Clarion West writers’ workshop. K.C. is an active member of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America. She blogs about writing at

Mark Bailey – Writer

Mark Bailey has been reading science fiction, fantasy, and horror for as long as he can remember.  Inspired by the heroic fiction of Robert E. Howard and Karl Edward Wagner, the science fiction of Isaac Asimov, and the epic fantasy of Robert Jordan, he travelled through time and across the cosmos, eventually putting his imagination to paper (or keyboard) and saw his first publications in Sensations Magazine (  People are always asking him where he gets his ideas. Simply, he writes what he enjoys reading, hoping in the meantime that maybe, just maybe, someone else out there in the world will enjoy it too.

J. W. Barber – Writer

My name is John Wesley Barber. I am a teacher of Ancient Greek and Latin in a large boys independent secondary school in a suburb of . I have always been a big fan of both horror and science fiction. I also love heavy metal music-the title of the story comes from a line in an Enslaved song (a fantastic Black metal band from Norway) -playing bass and doing vocals in a band. I am currently putting the final touches to a science fiction novel, as well as writing and sending off a short story every week.

Richard Farren Barber – Writer

Richard Farren Barber was born in Nottingham in July 1970. After studying in London he returned to the East Midlands. He lives with his wife and son and works as an Operations Manager for a local university.

He has written over 200 short stories and has had short stories published in Alt-DeadAlt-Zombie, Blood OrangesDerby Scribes AnthologyDerby TelegraphePocalypse – Tales from the End, Horror D’OeuvresMurky DepthsMidnight Echo, Midnight Street,Morpheus Tales, MT Biopunk Special, MT Urban Horror Special, Night Terrors II, SiblingsThe House of HorrorTrembles, When Red Snow Melts, and broadcast on BBC Radio Derby and The Wicked Library.

Richard’s novella, “The Power of Nothing” was published by Damnation Books in September 2013 and his next novella, “The Sleeping Dead” will be published in August 2014 by DarkFuse.

His website can be found here

Roo Bardookie – Writer

Roo Bardookie: collector of trash and circus freaks. Born in Zaragosa, Espana  Lives in Alaska and Big Cities. My ghost writer, is a ghost. I want to thank Dr. Jack Veenum & Louis Marvin.

A.D. Barker – Writer

A.D. Barker is a writer and filmmaker, hailing from Derby, England. His directional debut – the low budget feature A Reckoning – can be found here:

He charts all his adventures in storytelling in his own blog, which can be found at

John S. Barker – Writer

John S. Barker has been a freelance editor, a contributing editor of Cross-Canada Writers Quarterly (1980-1984), where several of his articles and cartoons appeared, editor of the Carleton University Student Journal of Philosophy (1981-1983) and a technical writer.

His short story “If Ever I Should Leave You” appeared in Morpheus Tales #12.



Lawrence Barker – Writer

Lawrence Barker grew up in the Appalachia that is so often featured in his fiction. This particular story was inspired by childhood tales of compatriots attending a cheap carnival with a pickled punk display. Lawrence ‘s family wouldn’t let him go, for fear it would warp his mind – if you read his fiction, you will see that their plan to preserve his normalcy failed miserably! Lawrence is the winner of the 2007 James Award for this short story “Cyrus Fell’s Blues”, a tale of a space alien vampire in 1950s Georgia. His latest novel, Blood Red Sphere, is a tale of a Mars that should have been, with political intrigue, lost artifacts, and enigmatic Martians. Blood Red Sphere is available from Swimming Kangaroo Publications.

Geff Bartrand A.K.A. Dr. Twistid – Artist

Geff Bartrand A.K.A. Dr. Twistid is an award winning graphic artist and published illustrator. You can see some of his work in Best selling author Jonathan Mayberrys’ books Zombie CSU and They Bite among other smaller publication horror anthologies, comics and band album covers. He is also one of the artists for Rondo Award Nominated “Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated” which is an artists tribute to George Romero’s original classic. Get more info and links to online gallery and other online pages here

Anthony Baynton – Writer

Anthony is a devout follower of all things dark, fantastical, horrifying or any combination of the three. Currently living in Wales, he is working on his first novel, tentatively titled Yfel’s Tale, but hopes to first draw you in with a short tale or two.

Lindsay Beach – Artist

Currently I am a resident of Philadelphia , PA. I received my BFA for Illustration from The University of the Arts in May 2011. This year, I had two pieces, entitled Black Swan and Speak, accepted into the Society of Illustrators annual student competition.

My paintings reflect my inner most feelings. Rather than make an abstract piece, I think of what kind of images will best reflect what I am going through. What comes out tends to be dark, but mixed with beauty to counteract it. I want the viewers to be enthralled by the image itself before realizing what is really going on. I want the deep undertones to be subtle, almost overlooked, until the viewer takes another look. Then they may be disturbed.

My influences are nature and books, as well as horror movies and my own dreams. Along with painting, I write poetry, and my words and paintings go hand in hand. One day I hope to have an art/poetry book published of my works.

My preferred medium is oil paint, however I do have experience with acrylic paint and watercolor with ink.

Mark Bell – Artist

Mark is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator from . He has designed for a range of top music companies such as D’Addario, C.F.Martin, Evans Drumheads & Planet Waves. His illustrations have featured in Murky Depths Magazine, Sonic Ruin Magazine & Unico Comics ‘Collections Volume 1’. Mark loves horror/sci-fi films and comics and is excited to reflect this as a part of the Morpheus Tales team.

Sheldon Bellegarde – Writer

Sheldon Bellegarde writes and lives and works in New York. No, not that New York – he couldn’t handle that New York. The New York above that, with lots of elbow room and farms. Instead of riding subways and gazing down from glass towers and eating whatever he feels like at all hours of the morning, he reads and watches and hears about people doing that stuff. And then, out of jealousy and spite, he writes them dead.

Amy J. Benesch – Writer

Amy J. Benesch is happy to be lost in Yonkers.  Her stories have appeared in

Aboriginal Science Fiction, Midnight Zoo, Short Stuff, Space and Time, Tales of the Unanticipated, (issues 14, 18, and 20), Millennium Science Fiction & Fantasy, The Darklands Project and  The story from “Space and Time” was cited in the Honorable Mentions section of The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror Seventh Annual Edition, edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling.

Her story, “The Crone’s Tale” is archived in the on-line magazine Lorelei Signal, and she has a story in the anthology Into the Dreamlands, published by Simian Publishing.

Her novel, Remember Me to Paradise, came out in May 2011 from Wolfsinger Publications.  Come drop by her website:

With a BSc in biology from the University of Hawaii-Hilo, Jared Bernard has worked on several biological projects, including some on genetics and conservation.  His outlook is reflected by the poet Walter Savage Landor: “Nature I loved, and next to Nature, Art.”  When he can find time he does paintings or sketches with a variety of media, often depicting an animal or plant within its habitat.  Exposing the harsh realities of nature and the human condition is the running theme in his writing, whether poetry, prose, or non-fiction, although he also likes to simply inform people about interesting scientific discoveries.  Jared Bernard is now seeking an agent for his completed literary novel.

Skadi meic Beorh – Writer

Scathe meic Beorh, raised in Suburban America, serves as contributing editor for both Haunted Magazine and Bradbury Quarterly. Discovered by Robert M. Price and John Gregory Betancourt, his style and content have been compared to writers as varied as Ray Bradbury, William Blake, W. B. Yeats, James Joyce, and J. R. R. Tolkien. He is the author of the story collection Always After Thieves Watch (Wildside Press), the dictionary Pirate Lingo (Wildside Press), and the poetic studies Golgotha (Punkin House Press) and Emhain Macha Dark Rain (Rebel Satori Press). His stories and poetry are often found in anthologies and periodicals worldwide (such as Fungi, Morpheus Tales, Bound For Evil, Black Lantern Publishing, Black Petals, Deep Cuts, and The Willows Magazine). Formerly a monk of the Eastern Orthodox Church, he presently resides with his exceedingly creative wife Ember in a quaint ‘Bradburyesque’ neighborhood on the Atlantic Coast of Florida.

Suzzan Blac – Artist

I am a surrealist who expresses my emotions and feelings through the medium of oils.

Everything that I create is purely from my thoughts and imagination, for me that is the epitome of art, art is a personal visualization in which one can conjure up imagery that ordinarily no one can see, but through art, one can observe the innermost thoughts of another human being without feeling intrusive, and have the capacity to connect, identify and react to this universal insight.
I have much to say
and I say it in paint
for painting is an instantaneous and powerful medium
that challenges minds
and reverberates through history.

Rose Blackthorn – Writer

Rose Blackthorn lives in the high mountain desert with her boyfriend and two dogs, Boo and Shadow. She spends her free time writing, reading, being crafty, and photographing the surrounding wilderness.

She is a member of the HWA and has appeared online and in print with Necon E-Books, Stupefying Stories, Buzzy Mag, Interstellar Fiction, Jamais Vu, Eldritch Press and various anthologies including The Ghost IS the Machine, A Quick Bite of Flesh, FEAR: Of the Dark, Equilibrium Overturned, Wrapped in Black: Thirteen Tales of Witches and the Occult, and Cranial Leakage: Tales From the Grinning Skull Volume 1. Her first poetry collection Thorns, Hearts and Thistles is also available through Amazon.

More information can be found at the following links:

Twitter –

Blog –    

Facebook –

Amazon –

Goodreads –

Benjamin Blake – Writer

Benjamin Blake was born in the July of 1985, and grew up in the small town of Eltham, New Zealand. He is the author of the poetry and prose collections, A Prayer for Late October, Southpaw Nights, and Reciting Shakespeare with the Dead. His debut novel, The Devil’s Children, was published in October of 2016. Find more of his work at

Martin Blanco – Artist

Martin is an award-winning freelance illustrator specialized in the creation of dark fantasy imagery for Music, Films, Publishing and Horror-related industries

He has illustrated, provided artwork and been featured in numerous publications and websites around the world.

These include such publications as Stone Arch Books, Late Late Show, Doorways Magazine, Razar Magazine, Space and Time, Z-Man Games and many more.

Some of his music band clients have been Walls of Jericho, Tha Vill, and Silent Night Deadly Night, among others.

He has made several group and solo exhibits in Argentina, United States (including Los Angeles Centre of Digital Art), Spain and Denmark.

Martin has won numerous awards in different drawing contests, including first prize at “Inner Noise” exhibit in Caladan Gallery from Massachusetts on 2008, and the award of “Best Comic Book” in the New York Horror Film Festival 2007.

He is also co-founder/director of Pit Bros. Productions, an indie comic company.


Lin Bo – Artist

My name is Lin Bo. I live in Shanghai now. I’ve worked as a concept artist in game company more than one year. Also, I accept some commission as a freelance sometimes.

Diana Bocco – Writer

Diana Bocco is a freelance writer, published author and writing coach. Her credits include pieces for publications such as Woman’s Day, Marie Claire, Adirondack Life, Writer’s Digest, and Boston Literary Magazine. She’s also the author of two books. When she’s not writing, Diana spends time picking up stray animals, reading obscure little books in foreign languages, and moving across the globe (cat and dogs in tow) to places like Vietnam and Siberia. You can learn more about her by visiting her website at

Carey Borgens – Writer

Carey Borgens was born in Denton, Texas and has been writing science fiction and fantasy short stories since she was eight years old. When she was thirteen she began writing her first epic science fiction novel, The Wolf Experiments, which was based on one of her many nightmares. She worked on it for nearly twenty years before publishing the first instalment in 2008. Carey has also been published in Shadows and Light magazine. Her second book, Finding the Unicorn, is now available. You can visit her website: www.thewolfexperiments for more information.

Angela Boswell – Writer

Angela Boswell is a writer/artist/librarian from northern Illinois who has been making things up ever since she was a little kid who wrote origin stories for each of her brothers. Her work has appeared in various corners of the Internet like Liquid Imagination Online, and Theme of Absence, and pops up sometimes on her twitter poetry account @VanitasHaiku.

Sean Bova – Artist

Sean Bova is an illustrator working in Southern California. When he isn’t playing video games or trying to decide who would win in a fight between the Predator and the Terminator, he draws monsters and robots. His portfolio and contact information can be found at

Lori Bowen – Writer

Lori is a writer and director currently working as a projectionist for a Big Theatre Chain in Sarasota, Florida, and has been writing in various genres since she was six, eventually finding a home for her work in that red-headed child called horror. Her first short film, “Without/Within,” received an Honourable Mention from the Indie Gathering in Cleveland, Ohio, and a Best Actress nomination at ShockerFest International Film Festival in Modesto, California. At the same festival, the film received the Director’s Choice award.

She is currently in production on another short film based on a chapter from a novel she’s working on.

Tyler Bowler – Writer

Tyler Bowler is currently engaged to an up and coming writer Amanda Scott, and working on a Fantasy book series called Honestus.

Eric S Brown – Writer

Eric S Brown is the author of numerous books including the Bigfoot War series, the A Pack of Wolves series, the Crypto-Squad series, and War of the Worlds Plus Blood Guts and Zombies. He has also done the novelizations of such films as Boggy Creek: The Legend is True and The Bloody Rage of Bigfoot.  He is currently at work scripting the superhero comic book series The Stormchasers for Unstoppable Comics.

Jonathan W. Bremer – Writer

Jonathan W. Bremer is an eccentric author residing in the high desert mountains of Ruidoso, New Mexico. In his leisure time, Jonathan enjoys crafting bizarre tales and riding six-legged unicorns. He can often be found wandering throughout the village, selling signed copies of his short stories for beer money.

Wendy Brewer – Proof-reader

Wendy Brewer lives in Southern Maryland on the beautiful Chesapeake Bay with her 3 sons and other various critters. She has been a writer and editor for over 20 years. Currently, she proofs everything Edward Lee writes, and copy-edits for other various small press publishers. Recent stories from her can be found in the Traps! Anthology, the SNM anthology Bonded By Blood 1, and the forthcoming Terrible Beauty/Fearful Symmetry anthology, of which she is also the editor. In order to keep her three growing (and always hungry) boys from storming and pillaging the local grocery stores and quik-marts, she also works as a house painter. She goes to Florida as much as possible, listens to heavy metal 80’s music and has an obsession with really good/bad old ‘B’ horror movies and Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Anything else you might want to know can be found at

Jennifer Marie Brissett – Writer

Jennifer Marie Brissett has an MFA in Creative Writing from the Stonecoast Program at the University of Southern Maine . Her stories can be found in WARRIOR WISEWOMAN 2, THE FUTURE FIRE, and HALFWAY DOWN THE STAIRS. Her first novel ELYSIUM is currently being shopped to publishers and she is working on her second novel, ELEUSIS . She lives in Brooklyn , NY with her husband where they both fully accept that their cat rules the house. Her website can be found at

David Brookes – Writer

David Brookes is a writer from Sheffield, England.  He has had numerous stories published online and in print, and his first novel “Half Discovered Wings” will be available in 2009. News on his novels, short fiction and poetry can be found on his website,

Eric S. Brown – Writer

Eric S Brown is author of numerous books including the Bigfoot War series, the Kaiju Apocalypse series (with Jason Cordova), the A Pack of Wolves series, and the Crypto-Squad series (Jason Brannon). Some of his stand alone books include World War of the Dead, Last Stand in a Dead Land, The Weaponer, and Kaiju Armageddon to name only a few. He has also sold comic book scripts to Unstoppable Comics and had a feature film adapted from the first book of his Bigfoot War series. He lives in North Carolina with his wife and children where he continues to write tales of blazing guns and the monsters that lurk in the woods.

Kevin Brown – Writer

Kevin Brown has been a fiction writer for seven years but a storyteller his whole life. His work can be found in Underground Voices, Murky Depths, Space & Time, Horror Express, and Twisted Tongue. He co-wrote a screenplay, Living Dark: The Story of Ted the Caver, that was made into a film a couple of years ago.  It was recently accepted into the Moondance International Film Festival.  He hopes the readers of Morpheus Tales enjoys his story.  You’re who he wrote it for.

Tonia Brown – Writer

Tonia is a speculative fiction fan and occasional writer of nonsense. She lays claim to a few ezine publications including Burst Literary Ezine and Macabre Cadaver, but Morpheus Tales Magazine was her first print sale. Aside from her wicked imagination, she believes that her life is pretty pedestrian; even with an identical twin sister, a genius husband, a brood of cats who she treats like little children and helping to run a Wiccan church here in the deep south of the USA. She is also a colouring fanatic, and ‘asparagus’ is currently her favourite crayon.

You can poke her with a sharp stick at

John Bruni – Writer

John Bruni’s work has appeared most notably in Shroud, Aoife’s Kiss, Art Times, Cthulhu Sex Magazine, Trail Of Indiscretion, Detective Mystery Stories and a number of other publications, including the anthology from Comet Press, Vile Things. He was the editor and publisher of Tabard Inn: Tales Of Questionable Taste. He lives in Elmhurst, IL.

David Buchan – Writer

David Buchan’s fiction has appeared in Ballista, Champagne Shivers, Doorways, The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror, among other publications.  He recently gave up working for a living to study for a degree in Humanities, with the idea of eventually obtaining more meaningful employment.  He hopes the gamble will pay off.

Neil Buchanan – Writer

Neil is an occasional writer who lives with a sympathetic wife and two manic children. He spends his weekends grooming three cats and writing flash fiction. Recently, his work has appeared in Drabblecast B-sides, Liquid Imagination and Eclectic Flash magazine.

S.J.Budd – Writer

Before developing a passion for writing S.J.Budd attended Kent University in Canterbury, UK and gained a BSc (Hons) in Biochemistry. She has worked a variety of jobs ranging from teaching to financial compliance in London, where she now resides.

As well as reading and writing her hobbies include brewing alcohol. Her personal favourites are mead, mint liqueur and dandelion wine. She’s attempted to learn to juggle but instead has chosen to stick with spinning poi and hula hooping.

Originally born in Cornwall, south west England, her childhood was surrounded by myths and legends and she has always been fascinated by anything out of the ordinary. It was in this strange and ancient land where she developed a passion for writing.

She loves writing short stories exploring dark fictional worlds and its mysterious inhabitants, and is currently working on her first novel. Her day job involves working as journalist for and she also blogs on her site

Her work has appeared in Sanitarium Magazine, Siren’s Call Publications, Deadman’s Tome, Innersins , Aphelion, Bewildering Stories, Blood Moon Rising Magazine, Shadows at the Door and Danse Macabre Magazine

Twitter @sjbuddj

Gary Budgen – Writer

Gary Budgen grew up and still lives in London. He has, at various times, been a switchboard operator, print worker, database developer and lecturer. He has published many short stories appearing in magazines such as Interzone, Jupiter, Dark Horizons as well as in Morpheus Tales. His work has also appeared in anthologies from Boo Books, Eibonvale and Horrified Press imprints. His chapbook of ten collected stories, Chrysalis, is published by horrified press. He can be found at

Kenneth Buff – Writer

Kenneth Buff lives in Stillwater, Oklahoma. He is a writer, educator, and avid traveler. He holds a bachelors degree in Liberal Studies, which he received from Oklahoma State University. His writings have been featured in the travel guidebook A Student Guide to Study Abroad, the magazine Morpheus Tales, and the New York Times online forum Room For Debate.

Kevin G. Bufton – Writer

Kevin G. Bufton is a thirty-something father, husband and writer, in that approximate order. He’s told stories for as long as he can remember, but only tried getting them published in 2009. Since then, he’s had over sixty tales published in magazines, anthologies, and websites the world over.

In May 2016 he decided that he wanted this to be more than a hobby, and began treating it as a career.

He lives in Birkenhead, on the Wirral peninsula, with his wonderful wife and their beautiful children and hopes, one day, to be able to disturb people for a living.

David Burton – Artist

For nearly 20 years David Burton has been providing high-quality and creative images for a wide diversity of clients. His paintings and illustrations have appeared as covers and interiors for hardcover and paperback books, magazines, comic books character design for movies and advertising art. His work has won awards across the country and is in collections around the world.

Jeffrey B. Burton – Writer

The lies of Jeffrey B. Burton have appeared in Outer Darkness, Crimson, Detective Mystery Stories, Millennium Science Fiction & Fantasy, The Cozy Detective Mystery Magazine, Potpourri, The Rose & Thorn, Dogwood Tales Magazine, Satire Magazine, (a multiple flash fiction winner), GateWay S-F Magazine, Title Goes Here, House of Horror, Dark Fire Fiction, Quantum Muse, Cemetery Moon, Tales of the Talisman, and Murky Depths.  Jeff is a member of the Horror Writers Association.  A collection of his short stories, Shadow Play, was published in 2005 by Pocol Press.  His dark mystery novel, Sleuth Slayer, was published May 2008.

Kesh Butler – Writer

Kesh Butler is a former writer for Metal Psalter Webzine ( She is currently in the process of publishing her book “Lost Heirs,” which is the first book in a yet unnamed fantasy series. You can follow her progress at her blog:, Facebook:, or Twitter:

“Seeds of Apocalypse” is Kesh’s first published fiction piece.

Mr. Byron – Artist

Mr. Byron is the pseudonym of Victor Bravo, a freelance digital artist. His works includes concept art for videogames,3D art ,animation, CD covers, web sites, books, comic books and storyboards for movies and advertising. Specialized in creation of dark ambients, horror, science fiction and fantasy. Some of his works can be found in his web site:

Cate Caldwell – Writer

Cate Caldwell writes poetry, short stories, and screenplays, and also makes short films.  She has been published by the Southwestern Review and Acadiana Lifestyle Magazine and has appeared in various collections by Wordsmith Press.  Most recently, her screenplay entitled Gemini, a collaboration with fellow writer Matt Pearson, was a finalist in the 2009 Red Inkworks screenplay competition.  More information about Cate is available on facebook at, and on her website at

Lyn Cannaday – Writer

Lyn Cannaday is a teacher by day, torturing students with Washington Irving, Sophocles, Poe and all the macabre tales that emotionally damaged her as a young woman. She writes at night after grading hundreds of essays in red ink. Her stories and poetry have appeared in Poetic Diversity, Alien Skin Magazine, Apollo’s Lyre, Pen Pricks, Flashshots, and the now-defunct Nimue’s Grotto.

Greg Caparell – Artist

Greg Caparell, 26; Illustration: “A visual reflection of ones memory, soul, and state or mind in response to experiences they have encountered.” I developed this definition of illustration from my days at Massachusetts College of Art and have continued to practice this definition through my artwork. I am a Boston based illustrator, artist, designer and muralist.

For full time employment, I am an award winning studio photographer. Being a full time photographer allows me to unleash my creativity on a daily basis. Though I love what I do, art and illustration is where my passion lies. I have been published in various publications across the world, from children’s books to adult oriented magazines. I have been commissioned to install murals and to design logos for various companies and sports teams. I feel my work is best represented though high contrast and heavy detail. I see my illustrations as appearing dreamlike; chaotic bits of information, loosely stitched together, coming to life on paper as one to tell a story.

Tom Cardamone – Writer

Tom Cardamone is the editor of The Lost Library: Gay Fiction Rediscovered, author of the surreal speculative novella Green Thumb and the erotic fantasy novel The Werewolves of Central Park. His short story collection, Pumpkin Teeth, was a finalist for the Lambda Literary Award. His short stories have appeared in numerous anthologies and magazines, some of which have been collected on his website:

Jonathan Carman – Writer

Jonathan Carman lives in with his beautiful microbiologist wife and four cats. The cats are generally ambivalent about the writing as cats are wont to do, but when his wife says “Ewww” he knows he should probably consider submitting the piece.

Harley Carnell – Writer

Harley Carnell is a writer who currently lives in London . A massive fan of fiction in general, and the horror genre specifically, he prefers to write stories which deal with the psychological impact of horror as oppose to the object of horror itself. As well as horror, he likes to write Science-Fiction stories, especially those about undiscovered galaxies and planets.

Axelle Carolyn – Writer

Axelle Carolyn has been a horror fan for as long as she can remember. Brought up on a steady diet of scary movies and Stephen King and Clive Barker novels, she started out as a film journalist and contributed, amongst others, to Fangoria and IGN.

Her published first book, It Lives Again! Horror Movies in the New Millennium (2009)came out in 2009 to rave reviews. Her first short stories were published the same year in various horror anthologies, including Dark Delicacies III: Haunted, alongside Clive Barker and Chuck Palahniuk.

Axelle is also an actress and her credits include Psychosis with Charisma Carpenter, and Neil Marshall’s Roman epic Centurion, alongside Michael Fassbender and Olga Kurylenko.

She is currently in development on her first feature screenplay, The Ghost of Slaughterford, to be exec produced by Neil Marshall.

Calum Carr – Artist

Calum Carr is a graduate of Duncan of Jordanstone school of art with a degree in Illustration and Printmaking. Since leaving his work has used for CD covers, magazine illustration, nightclub promotion, corporate identity, web design, t-shirts and animation and comic books. “I believe in the need for versatility within illustration and couple that with a dynamic representational style”. Currently Calum is working on an upcoming graphic novel and a number of commissions, for more info check out

Danielle Ceneta – Artist

Danielle Ceneta is a pen and ink illustrator based in Brooklyn, NY. She received a BFA in Illustration with a minor in Architecture and a minor in Painting from Syracuse University in 2013. She is available for freelance commissions and can be contacted through her website. Her portfolio is available online at

Danielle’s art dwells in the uncanny valley, bridging a gap between comfortably familiar and unsettlingly strange. She uses chaotic yet calculated ink work to create moody and dream-like atmospheres that infuse mundane imagery with an unsettling aura. Her work often comes off as cute yet creepy and nostalgically melancholic.

Greg Chapman – Writer/Artist

Greg Chapman is a horror author and artist from Australia. Greg is the author of four novellas, Torment, The Noctuary (Damnation Books, 2011), Vaudeville (2012) and The Last Night of October (Bad Moon Books, 2013). His debut collection, Vaudeville and Other Nightmares, was published by Black Beacon Books in September, 2014. He is also a horror artist and his first graphic novel Witch Hunts: A Graphic History of the Burning Times, written by Bram Stoker Award®winning authors Rocky Wood and Lisa Morton was published by McFarland & Company in 2012. Witch Hunts won the Superior Achievement in a Graphic Novel category at the Bram Stoker Awards® in 2013. He also illustrated the comic series Allure of the Ancients for Midnight Echo Magazine. His latest illustrative work is the one-shot comic Bullet Ballerina, written by Tom Piccirilli, for SST Publications in the United Kingdom.

Mike Chinn – Writer

Mike Chinn lives in Birmingham, England with his wife and guinea pigs. He has had short fiction published in Back To The Middle Of Nowhere, Birmingham Noir, The Bitter End: Tales Of Nautical Terror, The Black Book Of Horror, Chills, Fantasy Tales, Final Shadows, Kadath, Null Immortalis (Nemonymous 10), Phantoms Of Venice and Read Raw. As well as occasionally scripting comics, he has published two books on how to write them: Writing And Illustrating The Graphic Novel and Create Your Own Graphic Novel. His collection of Pulp adventure stories The Paladin Mandates was critically acclaimed – garnering nominations for the British Fantasy Award – whilst Damian Paladin resurfaced recently in the novella “Sailors of the Skies”.

Michael W. Clark – Writer

Michael W. Clark has a Ph.D. in molecular biology from U.C.L.A.  He has been a research scientist as well as an entrepreneur. Along with these professional endeavors, he has been writing fiction and poetry since he was a teenager.  He has four poems and thirty two short stories published in various print and electronic journals.  In August 2016 his novella, China Moon will be published by Guardbridge Books, UK,

He is the creator, editor and contributor for the fiction and non-fiction website, He presently lives in Santa Monica, CA.

Jesse Click – Writer

Jesse Click is the author of three novels and a dozen short stories. He resides in Magnolia, Arkansas with his wife, Tammi; son, Cameron; and stepson, Cody. When Jesse isn’t saving the world from mutant spiders, staking the undead in their coffins, and developing new technologies to repel alien invasions, he’s busy in a dark corner of his home, crafting tales that frighten blameless children. A firm believer in chivalry, honour, and hospitality, Jesse sees hippies as the pubic lice of society and wonders if they aren’t all the product of a science experiment gone horribly wrong. Jesse knows all about science experiments; in a past life he succeeded in turning lead into gold – just before the dragon consumed him. Jesse’s most recent works can be found in Twisted Tongue magazine and the Long Story Short e-zine.

Garon Cockrell – Writer

Garon Cockrell is an aspiring screenwriter/producer in Los Angeles, CA. He began writing short stories in 7th grade and hasn’t stopped since. A major fan of film, television, and books he has a difficult time deciding which avenue to pursue. Either way he hopes to bring great stories to the masses.

David Coffman – Writer

David Coffman is a graduate of La Verne University, La Verne, CA. He has had a number of occupations including, broom making, salesman of various items, piano tuner, schoolteacher and fiction writer. His father was a blacksmith in a small town in north Texas. The old home place, occupied by four generations of Coffmans, was set back from a country lane leading to woodlands and wild timber country. On a clear sunny day, they would hear the rhythmic clang as his father shaped the iron on the anvil. Sometimes he senses in the medium of his writing the broken meter of the hammer stroke.

Lee Collins – Writer

Lee Collins’ creative writing education recently culminated in a handsome, expensive, and useless degree from Colorado State University. Now free of pedagogical restrictions, his writing follows his interests in fantasy, science fiction, and horror. He and his girlfriend live in Colorado with their imaginary corgi Fubsy.

A.J. Cooper – Writer

A.J. Cooper is a college aged writer who loves traditional fantasy, with the occasional thriller or horror story. His favourite authors include J.R.R. Tolkien, Stephen King, Terry Brooks and Sandra Brown. He has been published previously in Mindflights ( and would love to hear from anyone who reads his work at his website,

John Coulthart – Writer

John Coulthart is an artist, designer and writer. Since 1982, his illustrations have appeared on numerous book covers, CD packages and album sleeves. He has designed over 40 books for a variety of publishers, and his writings have appeared in Eye magazine, Strange Attractor, and Horror: the Definitive Guide to the Cinema of Fear. In 2012 he was voted Best Artist in the World Fantasy Awards.

Coulthart’s collection of HP Lovecraft comic-strip adaptions and illustrations, The Haunter of the Dark and Other Grotesque Visions, was published by Creation Oneiros in 2006. The book includes a unique collaboration with Alan Moore. The controversial Lord Horror comic series Reverbstorm, a collaboration with writer David Britton, was published by Savoy Books in 2012.

William Couper – Writer

William Couper lives in Kirkintilloch, Scotland with my fiancée. He has been published in ‘Darkened Horizon’, ‘Atrum Tempestas’, and among others. You can find him on He also has two Twitter accounts,, his personal account and, a Twitter novella.

Mark Anthony Crittenden – Artist

Mark Crittenden studied art and design at Northwest Vista College in San Antonio, Texas where he currently resides. His artwork and stories have appeared in Champange Shivers, Twisted Dreams, Worlds Within- Worlds beyond Magazine, and he is happy to join the team of Morpheus Tales where he endeavours to bring your stories to vivid life. Good luck to all the new and incredible writers out there, and hope to illustrate for you soon.

Carolyn Crow – Reviewer

Carolyn Crow works as an editor for Damnation Books/Eternal Press and writes book reviews. Her recent editing projects include Ultimate Duty, An Ocean Apart, Intricate Entanglement, and Elysium.

Alex Davis – Writer

Alex Davis is a horror writer based in Derby, England. His writing has previously appeared in The Harrow, Carillon Magazine and Harlequin Magazine. He has also organised a range of literature events and festivals, and is currently working as Desk Editor for the Black Library, based in Nottingham.

Matt Davis – Artist

A lifelong fantasist and militant practitioner of escapism, Matt spends an inordinate amount of time pushing various rocks up various hills whenever he’s not moonlighting as an artist and cover designer. You can find more of his artwork here:

Holly Day – Writer

Holly Day has taught writing classes at the Loft Literary Center in Minnesota since 2000. Her published books include Music Theory for Dummies, Music Composition for Dummies, Guitar All-in-One for Dummies, Piano All-in-One for Dummies, Walking Twin Cities, Insider’s Guide to the Twin Cities, Nordeast Minneapolis: A History, and The Book Of, while her poetry has recently appeared in New Ohio ReviewSLAB, and Gargoyle. Her newest poetry book, Ugly Girl, just came out from Shoe Music Press.

Christopher Allan Death – Writer

Christopher Allan Death currently resides in the concrete jungle of Northern Colorado .  He has published short fiction in Worlds of Wonder, Night to Dawn, 7th Dimension Magazine, Deadlines: An Anthology of Horror and Dark Fiction (Comet Press), and Bits of the Dead (Coscom Entertainment).  His debut novella, WELCOME TO WONDERLAND, was recently released by Lyrical Press, Inc.  You can find him at

Joshua De Leon – Writer

Joshua De Leon A.K.A. Shadow Redgrave is a 20 year old keeper of stories from the past to present. Currently residing in Mission, Texas. He finds himself always dreaming, thinking and wishing he could put it all on paper, but how do you put something on paper if you can’t even explain it… Joshua spends most of his days living the normal young adult life: friends, video games and writing. He even spends most of his free time working on both comedy skits and videogame skits for YouTube, his channel is The Forbidden Trinity. Same goes for their Facebook page. His dream is to provide quality horror fiction of all types, with his main inspiration being the all mighty master of Sci-Fi horror, H.P. Lovecraft. Everything he writes is entirely based on his universe, plus more. Gather around his bonfire, and let him tell you a story or two.

Allen Demir – W

Allen Demir is a recent graduate of Iowa State University, currently trapped in the Midwest of the United States. His work has been published in Perihelion Online Science Fiction Magazine. He runs a blog discussing movies most people choose to forget at

Calvin Demmer – Writer

Calvin Demmer is a crime, mystery and speculative fiction author. When not writing, he is intrigued by that which goes bump in the night and the sciences of our universe. Find out more at

Dan Devine – Writer

Dan Devine is a scientist by day and an aspiring science fiction author by night, though he will write any genre that pops into his head. He has had numerous stories published both online and in print, with the most recent being his Cull Chronicles novels by Writer’s-Exchange E-publishing and his entry in Edge Publishing’s Danse Macabre: Close Encounters with the Reaper collection, all of which are currently available from

You can learn more about him and read more of his work at

Kelle Dhein – Writer

Kelle Dhein studied Philosophy, Anthropology, and Linguistics at Arizona State University. He most recently worked as prep cook in Juneau, Alaska, and is currently trying to settle in San Diego, California. He will continue to read and write.

Samuel Diamond – Proofreading

I received my BA from Emerson College where I studied Writing, Literature, and Publishing. I currently work full-time as Marketing Director for an online retail company, while off the clock I sharpen my creative writing skills and proofread for Morpheus Tales.

Check out some of my college short fiction and poetry at

Joseph D’Lacey – Writer

Author of MEAT and Garbage Man – Eco-Horror published by Bloody Books – and novella The Kill Crew in print and downloadable from MEAT has been translated into German, French, Hungarian and Turkish and was optioned for film in ‘08. His short fiction has appeared in small presses, magazines, print anthologies and online. He is co-curator of where he blogs about Horror and interviews today’s creators of the genre. He lives in Northamptonshire with his wife and daughter.

Meredith Doench – Writer

Meredith Doench teaches writing at a university in southern Ohio. Her fiction and nonfiction has appeared in literary journals such as Hayden’s Ferry Review, Women’s Studies Quarterly, Lumina, and Gertrude. She served as a fiction editor at Camera Obscura: Journal of Literature and Photography and her first crime thriller, Crossed, was published by Bold Strokes Books in August 2015.  Her second, Forsaken Trust, was released by Bold Strokes Books in 2017.

Morgan Duchesney – Writer

Morgan Duchesney is a Canadian writer and martial arts instructor with deep roots on Cape Breton Island. His fiction has been published in Morpheus Tales, Static Movement, Death’s Head Grin, Blood Moon Rising, the Danforth Review and the Naashwak Review and the short story ” Wrong side of the River” recently received an honorable mention from the Ottawa Crime Writers Association. His non-fiction has appeared in Humanist Perspectives, Adbusters and the Ottawa Citizen.

Robin Wyatt Dunn – Writer

Robin Wyatt Dunn writes and teaches in Los Angeles. You can find him online at

T. H. Dylan – Writer

T.H. Dylan was born (and still resides) in Liverpool , England . His first work to appear online did so at before he briefly wrote for The Music Magazine.

Tim Eagle – Writer

Tim Eagle is a writer of the bizarre and dark. He’s a father of seven, a husband, and one of many slaves to corporate America. Tim has completed two novels, Nitch and Crism, which are currently not published and is working on his newest novel Dark Prince. He continues to write short stories which dabble in horror and the macabre. His fascination with the occult, psyche of the human mind, and the evils lurking around every corner of the world all inspire his style and is heard in the voice of his stunning tales. You can preview some of Tim Eagle’s artistic talent at his website: .

Paul Eckert – Writer

Paul Eckert is a writer, editor, and musician that dwells amongst the sinners and freaks of Houston, Texas. His writing has previously appeared in Word Riot, Dogmatika, The Oddville Press, The Emerson Review, Nano Fiction, The Houston Literary Review, The Darc Karnivale anthology, and the Side Show 2 anthology. He is also the editor of Sideshow Fables, a fiction magazine dedicated to tales of the circus ( Paul is also the scary half of the musical duo Balloonist Sleepy ( Fall in love with him at

Murphy Edwards – Writer

Murphy Edwards is the award winning author of Dead Lake, Serious Money, Bumper Music, Heavy Weather, Noodlers, Mister Checkers, Ace of Spades and The Last Days of Maxwell Sweet. His dark and deadly fiction has appeared in Trail of Indiscretion, Hardboiled Magazine, Barbaric Yawp, Samsara: The Magazine of Suffering, Nocturnal Lyric, Night Chills, Big Pulp, Criminal Class Review and in the anthologies Dead Bait, Dead Bait II, Dead Bait III, Assassin’s Canon, Abaculus II & III, Night Terrors, Unspeakable: A New Breed of Terror, Bloody Carnival, Indiana Horror 2011, Indiana Horror 2012, Grave Robbers, Serial Killers Iterum, Hell and Indiana Science Fiction 2012. His novella “Stone Cold” is featured in Four Ghosts. Edwards is the 2011 recipient of The Midwest Writers Workshop Writers Retreat Fellowship Award for Fiction and his short story, “Mister Checkers”, was chosen to be among the best in science fiction, fantasy and horror of 2009 for the Leucrota Press Anthology, Abaculus III. He is the Co-Editor of Indiana Crime 2012 and Indiana Crime Review 2013. In addition to the United States, Edwards has been published in Ireland, Australia, South Africa, and the U.K. He resides in Indiana and on the web at:

Jeff ‘Ledge’ Eisen – Artist

Jeff ‘Ledge’ Eisen was born in 1960 in Toronto, Ontario. He is the oldest of four brothers in a wonderfully colorful family built on a foundation of love. He has been a workhorse artist for almost four decades, doing everything from airbrushing motorcycles to designing multi-million dollar nightclubs. He has three beautiful and talented children and currently makes his home between Calgary and Toronto. Jeff and Michelle Billington are co-founders of Stonechild Creative, a design and brand development firm located in Calgary.

Check out Ledge’s artwork that will be featured in the first issue of Morpheus Tales here!

Ledge can be contacted at;

Chris Eley – Reviewer

Chris Eley is an American of English ancestry living in central Europe .  He writes horror fiction and teaches Ethics, which these days is even scarier than his fiction.

Tim Emswiler – Writer

Tim Emswiler has been writing short, weird fiction for a long time, and his work has seen print in such publications as Deathrealm, Lore, Stygian Articles, and a bunch of others. When not writing, he plays mandolin, builds model cars, and attempts, in all ways possible, to refrain from acting his age. He lives in Massachusetts, USA, which is why he is such a miserable bastard.

James Everington – Writer

James Everington mainly writes dark, supernatural fiction, although he occasionally takes a break and writes dark, non-supernatural fiction. His second collection of such tales, Falling Over, is out now from Infinity Plus. He has a black cat and cream carpets, which shows how much thought he puts into those parts of his life that aren’t book-related.

Oh and he drinks Guinness, if anyone’s asking. You can find out what James is currently up to at his Scattershot Writing site.

C. Ewing – Writer

Chris became fascinated with storytelling and poetry during his middle school years.  His first love was American comics, but it turns out that he can’t draw.  He had a poem published in Vox, and he received attention while attending university via an undergraduate award. He put together a collection of poems with Dr. John Wood.  This will be his first published short story. When he puts his mind to writing prose, it always winds up being a little dark. He blames that on being raised Catholic.

Kurt Fawver – Writer

Kurt Fawver was born with a copy of Frankenstein in his hands and nursed on a steady diet of H.P. Lovecraft. He has considered horror and dark fantasy his lifeblood ever since. Although he is pursuing a Ph.D. in Literature and wants to turn the ivory tower midnight black, he is a writer first and a scholar second. Over the coming years, he hopes to publish ever more short stories, finish one of the several novels he’s begun, and mystically teleport backward in time so he can meet Nikola Tesla. Currently, however, he takes classes, teaches composition, and lives in Tampa, Florida with his wife and his schizophrenic Chihuahua.

Jason Fischer – Writer

Jason Fischer is nearing completion of his Bachelor’s Degree in English from the University of Illinois – Springfield. He devotes most of his time to chasing after his precocious two year old daughter. The remaining minutes of the day are spent chatting with his wife and reading a wide variety of fiction, non-fiction, comic books, and tweets.

Anthony Fisher – Writer

Anthony Fisher was born and raised in Indiana where he also currently resides. He has two works published and one forthcoming. Aside from writing, he enjoys painting, reading, playing board games, and running in his leisure time. He loves and is grateful for his family.

David M. Fitzpatrick – Writer

David M. Fitzpatrick’s three dozen short stories have appeared in print in magazines such as Brutarian, American Atheist, Amazing Journeys, Aoife’s Kiss, Morpheus Tales, and Blood, Blade & Thruster, and anthologies such as Unparalleled Journeys 1 & 2, Nemonymous: Cone Zero, and the limited-edition hardcover Bound For Evil: Books Gone Bad. By day, he’s a Special Sections writer for the Bangor Daily News in Bangor Maine. He lives across the river from Bangor in Brewer, where he hopes Stephen King’s Muse might one day take a wrong turn and land on his own house. No luck yet.

Tim Foley – Writer

Tim Foley was born in western New York, studied economics at the University of Durham, and lives in northern California.  His dark fiction and critical essays have appeared in various publications and anthologies on both sides of the Atlantic, including All Hallows, Dark Hollow, Wormwood, and Supernatural Tales.

K. Scott Forman – Writer

K. Scott Forman lives in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains and teaches English Comp at a couple of universities. His most recent work has appeared in the anthologies Gothic Tales of Terror and It Came From the Great Salt Lake, and in the Veterans’ Writing Project Journal, 0-Dark-Thirty. Find him at

Vic Fortezza – Writer



Mark C. Frankel – Writer

Mark C. Frankel is a writer of fiction and a recruiter at a major entertainment company. He has published three short stories and is currently working on a novel. Despite his best efforts, Mark eventually graduated from the of Pittsburgh. He did, however, manage to barter one additional year before finally succumbing to reality and growing up.

In addition to being married for almost seven years, Mark is the proud father of a baby girl and owner of one happy-go-lucky beagle. Mark blames his twisted sense of humour on his parents, but also credits them with instilling in him the desire to read just about everything. More about him can be found on his MySpace page at:

Stone Franks – Reviewer

Stone Franks wrote the first draft of her short horror debut Into The Woods We Go (published in Supernatural Tales) while she was still at school. Since then she has made several appearances in print, including the controversial lesbian erotica story, Taught.

Matthew Freyer – Artist

Matthew Freyer is a visual artist specializing in art & design for the Horror and Dark Entertainment industries. His artistic style is instantly recognized by his dark and edgy original artworks and urban-inspired character illustrations. Matthew utilizes elements of photography, freehand-drawing and digital design to create artwork that is both emotionally haunting and commercially viable.

Matthew is the owner of the full-service visual design studio, Matthew Freyer Productions. Combining his unique artistic vision and broad industry experience, Matthew is able to produce the highest quality in art and design, providing custom and targeted imagery and branding. Matthew can be contacted for all your creative visual needs and to receive random praise through his website:

J. David Fry – Writer

J. David Fry is an elementary school teacher in Omaha, Nebraska. He is currently authoring a third novel and ridding himself of inner demons through the art of short-story writing. Fry hopes his students don’t stumble upon his fiction until they’re a little bit older.

Brad Galloway – Writer

Brad Galloway is a software engineer from Louisville KY, where he lives with his wife and two children. A horror fan and lifelong zombie fanatic, he likes to say he was a zombie fan before zombies were cool. His passions include writing, reading, programming, martial arts, and video games.

Glen Garrick – Writer

Glen Garrick, the author of such notable novels as Grunt, The Devil’s Toys, and Twilight Of The Malefactor, was found recently murdered in his home by a person or persons unknown. His fiction has appeared in Retinal Burn, Digital Barbarian, Clawed By The Cat, Paper-Cut, and The Bad Seed Review. “Unkillable” is his final story.

A.A. Garrison – Writer

A.A. Garrison is a thirty-something-year-old man located in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina, USA, where he works and lives comfortably above sea level. His short stories have appeared in dozens of magazines, anthologies, and web journals, and he is the author of The End of Jack Cruz, a post-apocalyptic horror novel from Montag Press. He blogs

Ray Garton – Writer

Ray Garton is the author of over fifty books, including the Bram Stoker Award-nominated Live Girls, and dozens of short stories. In 2006, he received the Grand Master of Horror Award from the World Horror Society. Three of his works — Live Girls, Lot Lizards, and Graven Image — are in the works as motion pictures, with Live Girls set to begin shooting in Detroit later in 2009. In 1992, he wrote In A Dark Place: The Story of A True Haunting, which tells the story of the Snedeker family in Connecticut , also the basis for the new movie The Haunting in Connecticut. Since the publication of that book, he has denounced the whole thing as a fraud. His new novel, Bestial (the sequel to Ravenous), now available from Leisure Books, links the novels Live Girls, Night Life, and Ravenous together in a loosely-connected series. Next, Leisure will publish his novel Scissors in February 2010. He lives in northern California with his wife Dawn and a whole bunch of cats. He is currently at work on his next book.

Michael W. Garza – Writer

Michael W. Garza is a writer from southern California. By day he works in the national security field as an Acquisition Security Program Manager. With the little free time he has he focuses on his family and his love of writing fantasy, science fiction & horror. Much more about this author can be found at

R. K. Gemienhardt – Writer

R. K. Gemienhardt resides in the suburbs of Ohio. His fiction and photography have been published in various e-zines, magazines and anthologies. His inspiration comes from the things that go bump in the night.

Dave Gentry – Artist

Born in 1977 and currently residing in Kent, . David has illustrated numerous covers for Immanion ( including Angelglass and the re-issue of Hinterland for David Barnett among others).His work has also been seen in many publications including Computer Arts, Digit, Spectrum annual, Interzone and Crimewave which include both interior and cover artwork. He currently creates all designs and illustrations for Black Static magazine.

Jake Giddons – Artist

Jake is an illustrator in Sarasota, Florida, where he is earning his BFA from Ringling College of Art and Design. In addition to Morpheus Tales his work has appeared in publications such as The Tampa Bay Times and SRQ Magazine, and he is currently illustrating a children’s book to be published in 2014. He is currently a semi-finalist in the 2013 Adobe Design Achievement Awards. More of his work can be found at:

Lee Gimenez – Writer

Lee Gimenez is a writer of science fiction and speculative fiction. His stories have been published in numerous magazines in the and also in Australia, Canada. Lee earned a BS degree in Industrial Design from Georgia Tech University and an MBA degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University. He lives with his wife in Dunedin, U.S.A. Visit him at his website

Christopher Glazer – Writer

Christopher Glazer is a young writer who lives along with his lovely wife in . It is there he pursues a degree creative writing and history, which he hopes one day to teach. He is especially interested in bizarro fiction and horror, and it tends to show in his short stories and poems. Christopher can be contacted or read at

L.B. Goddard – Writer

L.B. Goddard’s stories have been published in such magazines as: Sand– A Journal of Strange Tales, Twisted Tongue, Twisted Dreams, NexGen Pulp, and The Odd Mind. They have appeared online at: Yellow Mama Webzine, Macabre Cadaver, NVF, Tales From The Moonlit Path, Microhorror, and SNM Horror and in the print anthologies: Sonar4’s From The Mouth, Hideous Evermore, For the Love Of Monsters, and the upcoming Ladies of Horror 2009. Her poetry has appeared in Niteblade and Black Petals. LB resides in a suburb of St. Louis, MO. Find out more about her dark, decaying world by visiting:

Ken Goldman – Writer

Ken Goldman, former Philadelphia teacher of English and Film Studies, is an affiliate member of the Horror Writers Association. He has homes on the Main Line in Pennsylvania and at the Jersey shore depending upon his mood and the track of the sun. His stories have appeared in over 800 independent press publications in the U.S., Canada, the UK, and Australia with over forty due for publication in 2016. Since 1993 Ken’s tales have received seven honorable mentions in The Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror. He has written five books: three anthologies of short stories, YOU HAD ME AT ARRGH!! FIVE UNEASY PIECES by Ken Goldman (Sam’s Dot Publishers); DONNY DOESN’T LIVE HERE ANYMORE (A/A Productions), and STAR-CROSSED (Vampires 2 Publishers); and a novella, DESIREE, (Damnation Books). His novel, OF A FEATHER, was published in January 2014 by the UK’s Horrific Tales Publishers.

Ivor Goligher – Writer

Ivor Goligher was born and raised in Belfast, Northern Ireland.  He was brought up on a diet of bedtime stories and Roald Dahl classics but later turned to horror and thriller and suspense stories as a means of escape.  He wrote his first story at age 12 and counts Stephen King as his greatest inspiration. His writing is heavily influenced by Stephen King, James Herbert & Clive Barker.

Alex Gonzalez – Writer

Born and raised in Chicago, Alex Gonzalez now lives in sunny South Texas. To hide from the Hellish heat, he often writes from under large rocks while snakes and lizards regulate their temperature around him. Alex’s short story “Soup” will appear in Morpheus Tales Magazine # 13.

Josie Gowler – Writer

Josie Gowler has had short stories published in 365 Tomorrows, Every Day Fiction, Ethereal Tales, Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction and Bewildering Tales.  She specialises in weird tales set in the East Anglian Fens and also science fiction and fantasy short stories; it’s fun when these all overlap.  In her non-writing spare time, Josie is a Napoleonic re-enactor, another source of short story inspiration.

Gail Gray – Writer

Gail Gray, Greenville, SC, USA, is the author of two collections of shorts stories, Dark Voices and Memories and Monsters and two books of poetry, The Hazard of Waking Up and Spirals in Copper. She’s the owner of Shadow Archer Press and the editor of Fissure, a magazine of experimental art and writing and former editor of The Howling, a goth literary magazine. Her short stories have been published or The Howling and Exquisite Corpse. Her poetry has been published in The Asheville Poetry Review, Cokefish, Exquisite Corpse, Being, Big Swollen Toe, Sisyphus, Zygote Abstract Libertine and Gloom Cupboard and are upcoming in Main Street Rag, the anthology, America! and Eviscerator Heaven.

Jude-Marie Green – Writer

Jude-Marie Green has sold stories to M-Brane Science Fiction, The Colored Lens, and MENIAL: Skilled Labor In Science Fiction. She previously edited with magazines Abyss&Apex, Noctem Aeternus, and 10Flash Quarterly. She is a Clarion West 2010 graduate. She lives in Southern California and once worked in a hospital blood donor centre. For more about her, please see the wordpress site at

K.J. Hannah Greenberg – Writer

Once a rhetoric professor who wrote for periodicals like The American Journal of Semiotics and The Massachusetts Journal of Communication, and who spend National Endowment for the Humanities money in places like Princeton University ‘s Classics Department, Channie Greenberg is now a committed creative writer who tramps across genres. Currently, she is the creative nonfiction judge for Notes & Grace Notes, the “Old/New World Discourse” blogger for The Jerusalem Post, the parenting teens blogger for Type-A Moms, and the power behind Expressively Yours Writing Workshops®.

Her most recent work has appeared in: Doorknobs and Bodypaint, Fallopian Falafel Zine, Hamodia, Joyful! Mishpacha’s Calligraphy, Mishpacha’s Family First, The Clarity of the Night, The Externalist, Tuesday Shorts, and Unfettered Verse. In the near future, her articulated irreverence will be published by: AlienSkin Magazine, AntipodeanSF, Bewildering Stories, G. Stern’s Hag Samaiach Anthology, Poetica Magazine, The Blue Jew Yorker, and The Mother Magazine.  

When not engaged in wordplay or in tormenting her writing workshop students, Channie paints, builds ceramics, and supplies small spatulas to imaginary hedgehogs. She also dreams about the day when her children will correctly sort the laundry.

Zak Greene – Artist

Zak Greene is a freelance illustrator / comic book artist and is currently enrolled in Maryland Institute College of Art. He has done logos and album covers for black metal, thrash, and death metal bands including Sanguinarian, Six Bullets From Now, and Glaurung, and represented his school at the Small Press Expo in 2007 where he did commissioned sketches of comic book superheroes and villains, and sold original artwork. His portfolio can be found at

John Grover – Writer

John Grover is a horror and dark fantasy author residing in , Massachusetts. He is a member of the New England Horror Writers Association and has taken a creative writing course at ‘s Fisher College. He’s been writing tales of terror since he was ten years old.

Some of John’s work has appeared in Flesh and Blood Magazine, The Willows, Alien Skin, Wrong World, Dark Animus, Whispers from the Shattered Forum, the upcoming Northern Haunts anthology and more.

His newest collections Feminine Wiles and Angels, Ashes and Alchemy are due to come out this year. Please visit his website for more information.

Aaron Gudmunson – Writer

Aaron Gudmunson was born in Belize while his parents volunteered for the Peace Corps. He lives in northern Illinois with his family and their two cats. His fiction has been published in numerous small press magazines and he contributes a bi-weekly humor column entitled “The Observatory” for his local newspaper. He has been writing since able to hold a pen.

Ray Gunn – Writer

Ray Gunn was a child born during the age of Woodstock and his views have been liberal ever since. He spends his time writing Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy (all of a decidedly disturbing nature) whenever he’s not with his wife and kids. His debut novel, BRUTAL, will be available Spring 2009. You can reach him at

H… [Dusty Answer] – Artist

French graphic designer and artist, H… specializes in digital art and is especially inspired by movies and music, post-apocalyptic worlds, futuristic or poetic… Graduated in cinema and fashion design, she worked several years in this environment before choosing to live her passion: picture manipulating and music. Singer in a metal electro industrial band: Tenebrarum Infanteus, she created her first artwork for the band before offering her services (Album artwork, Myspace design, logos…) to other bands and labels.

HALF-RATS – Artist

HALF-RATS is made up of a single artist and her creations. She is based in Pittsburgh, PA. At you will find an assemblage of horror-inspired and atmospheric imagery, as well as an online shop featuring items such as chainmaille jewellery, custom demon horns, and photographic prints. You can stay up-to-date with what’s new by following

Craig Hallam – Writer

By day, Craig is a nurse from Doncaster, South Yorkshire. By night (on days off, in the bath, or stuck in traffic) he’s an aspiring author. Tackling short stories since late 2008, his first novel, Greaveburn, is finished and just needs someone to take pity on it. He’s also taking an Open University course in creative writing and literature.

His first e-book called Not Before Bed is now available from Smashwords here:

Or you can check out his blog here:

He hopes to see you hovering above one of his pages in the near future.

Christopher T. Hamel – Writer

Christopher T. Hamel is a compulsive writer, animal lover, and paperback hoarder. In 2013, Hamel took a creative writing course at Quinebaug Valley Community College in Danielson, Connecticut. Due to his own struggles with mental health and almost a decade spent in various mental health programs, much of his work involves at least one or more characters with neurological problems. Hamel and his wife, Alyssa are active advocates for mental health rights through organizations such as NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) and KTP (Keep the Promise Coalition). He and Alyssa live in eastern Connecticut with their adorable guinea pig, Gizmo.

Shaun Hamilton – Writer

Shaun has been writing since 2004, and next year, his 40th on this earth, he hope to have his first collection published with Screaming Dreams Press and a smaller, more intimate collection published with Pendragon Press. Shaun’s work has appeared in a number of publications including the UK’s TWISTED TONGUE, Australia’s MIDNIGHT ECHO and Bournemouth’s Literary Festival’s prize winners.

As with all writers, inspiration comes from all places, but a special mention must be made for Shaun’s back, which has undergone more than fifteen surgical procedures since 2004 (coincidence?). These have included multiple facet block injections, a disc replacement, lumbar fusion and the insertion of a spinal cord stimulator. He’d love to write more but the back pain and metal work dictate things. If they don’t want him to sit at a desk, then no matter the number of opiates at his disposal, sitting at a desk he will not be.

SK Harrison – Writer

SK Harrison has an MA in Creative Writing, Asperger’s Syndrome and works as a drug and alcohol worker.  She has had fiction published in Muse: V (MMU’s annual creative writing journal), Revolutions (an anthology edited by The Manchester Speculative Fiction Group) and Robbed of Sleep: Issue 4 (a horror anthology edited by Troy Blackford). She collects tattoos, rubber duckies and strange (often gruesome) facts. She currently lives in Lancashire, UK.

David C. Hayes – Writer

David C. Hayes is a genre actor/writer/producer/director. Most recently he has starred in Machined, Reborn, Orville and Sportkill (released by LionsGate with a theatrical run in Japan for Sportkill), Jackrabbit Sky, The Death Factory Bloodletting (via Well Go) and Dark Places (via Brain Damage Films). He has just produced and appears in the films Cravings and Blood Moon Rising (starring Ron Jeremy) and is in post-production on The Prometheus Project (starring David, Tiffany Shepis and Louis Mandylor). His short film, “undone,” is currently on the festival circuit and doing quite well. David has written multiple feature films like Back Woods, Vampegeddon, Riverdead, and Shower of Blood as well as comic books (Rottentail, appearing 2010 and Tranquility, his new graphic novel), books (Muddled Mind: The Complete Works of Ed Wood Jr.) and writes for many genre magazines like Videoscope, Cult Movies, Brutarian and more. David’s stageplay, Swamp Ho, was a finalist in the International Cringefest and enjoyed an Off-Broadway Equity production in 2009. He currently teaches screenwriting, film production, acting and rhetoric for Grand Canyon University, Glendale Community College and Kaplan University.

Chris Heady – Artist

Chris Heady was born in Springfield, IL the home town of the Simpsons. Besides sharing a birthday with both Boris Karloff and Billy the Kid, Chris likes to draw, write, and spend time with his daughter and girlfriend. He has done fliers for local bands and gamer conventions in the area. He finds writing about himself in the third person strange and funny. You can find him on Myspace under the name evilchild.

John Hempstead – Morphosis – Artist

I enjoy creating anything and everything such as illustrations, comics, websites, animation, video games, music, writing screenplays and scripts. As long as I am creating something I seem to be happy! If people can enjoy my creations, that’s fantastic! The only thing that brings me down is this thing called a 24hr day…

I’ve enjoyed horror and suspense since I was a child, wait I still am in some way. The exorcist (1973) was what started my interest to enjoy the dark mysteries of life, monsters and ghost. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy long walks on the beach and love cute animals, especially cats.

90’s… After enjoying a lot of horror movies as a child I discovered a few comics and a magazine. One called called Monster’s Attacks and the E.C reprints of Tales from the crypt, Haunt of Fear and The Vault of Horror. All of my money I earned from cutting the grass around the neighborhood went into buying these great reads. Goodbye soda-pop and candy, hello stories! 2000 and beyond… I still enjoy all of the things I did when younger, but now even more! Growing up open up the opportunity to read more and see more of what I love! Morpheus Tales, for example, is another great read that I am enjoying!

Well, enough of my words, have a terrorific time at:
Morphosis Comics –
, Morphosis Enter – Active –
MySpace –   -and-

Dave Henry – Writer

Dave Henry is a jazz musician and writer of short stories and poetry. His works have been published by Eye Contact and Drunk Monkeys Magazine. He can be found in downtown Pittsburgh explaining avant garde film plots to strangers.

Stephen Hernandez – Writer

Stephen Hernandez is a professional Translator / Interpreter and part-time scribbler who divides his time between Europe and Latin America. In his spare time he reads and writes.

Dylan Henderson – Writer

Born in a trailer parked on a former quarry, Dylan Henderson has spent his whole life in rural Oklahoma. He dropped out of school at sixteen and enrolled in college, eventually earning degrees from OU, OSU, and TU. Today he lives in a century-old farmhouse and works nights at an appliance factory. He writes weird fiction in his office upstairs, from which he can see the old bath houses that once formed the heart of Radium Town.

Gary Hewitt – Writer

I’ve been writing for around six years or so now, firstly as a bit of fun but as the years and my skills have improved I’m taking it far more seriously. Taking part in the OU’s A174 course for creative writing was also a very big help. At present I’m virtually at the end of a first draft of a novel. My preferred genre is dark fiction, horror, fantasy but I’m not afraid to try anything.

I’ve had several pieces published in anthologies from online sites I contribute to, mainly the Write Idea, Slingink and The Grail. I’ve also had work published online on smokebox. My future plans are to continue to explore my muse and to be far more productive and get people to like my work and ultimately be a full time writer. I’m originally from around the Old Kent Road, South East

Sheldon Higdon – Writer

Sheldon Higdon is an affiliate member of the Horror Writers Association and has had work appear in numerous publications ranging from fiction to non-fiction, as well as placing in screenwriting competitions in . His short stories/poems have been published in Shroud Magazine, Northern Haunts anthology, Necrotic Tissue Magazine, Werewolf Magazine, and Twisted Dreams Magazine, to name a few, and will appear in the upcoming zombie-themed poetry anthology: Reanimated Rhymes: Zany Zombie Poetry for the Undead Head. He’s also had a feature article appear in the Summerguide 2008 issue of the Portland Magazine. will be going live sometime in 2009, but in the meantime feel free to see what Sheldon Higdon is up to at:,, or follow him on Twitter at:

Gene Hines – Writer

Gene Hines is a legal services attorney representing victims of domestic violence. He keeps the job because it is a never-ending source of ideas for stories and a good excuse for drinking lots of beer. He has published in various magazines, both literary and horror. Mr. Hines has heard from impeccably reliable sources that Harlan Ellison liked one of his stories and recommended it to Ellen Datlow for publication in the 2009 Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror. Of course, the rest is not history; as there isn’t going to be a 2009 Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror.

Erik Hofstatter – Writer

Erik Hofstatter’s debut collection, Moribund Tales, peaked at #2 on Amazon bestseller chart in horror anthologies. Several of these tales have been recorded for a podcast (Wicked Library, Tales To Terrify & Manor House Show) and printed in various magazines and anthologies around the world such as The Literary Hatchet (PearTree Press), Psychopomp (Artifice Comics) and Sanitarium Magazine. His novella ‘The Pariahs’ is available from Creativia Publishing.

He dwells in a beauteous and serenading Garden of England where he can be frequently encountered consuming reckless amounts of mead and tyrannizing local peasantry.

EB Hoight – Writer

EB Hoight has had short story works published such as, These Four Blank Pages, Mourning Gulls, Missed Call, Skull Collector and The Reading. He has also published his novel, The Man from Atlantis, through Amazon’s KDP program and is working on his upcoming thriller, Factions. EB Hoight resides in Pennsylvania and can be reached at

Sara Holt – Artist

Sara Holt spends her time taking pictures, writing, and absorbing pop culture. She’s been a featured director on the Independent Film Channel’s Media Lab Show. Her film work appears in Dreams and Possibilities, a Praxis Studio/Whitney American Museum of Art film project. She’s the Associate Art Editor for Mad Hatters’ Review… and she loves chili dogs.

Andrew Hook – Writer

Andrew Hook is the author of three short story collections and one novel, with other projects in the pipeline. His next publication will be a collection of stories co-written with Allen Ashley titled “Slow Motion Wars” which should appear from Screaming Dreams Press later this year. From November 2002 until November 2008 he also ran the multi-award winning Elastic Press, but that venture has closed so he can concentrate on his own writing. His website can be found at

Candra Hope – Artist

Candra Hope is a freelance illustrator and landscape artist based in Lanark, Scotland. You can see more of her work here

Paul L. Howard – Writer

After reading a vast numbers of books and short stories over the years I decided it was high time I started writing my own. In terms of writing credits I currently haven’t got much to talk about, but I am working on a novel. I live in the North of England.

Michelle Howarth – Writer

Michelle Howarth is a horror writer addicted to all things dark, gruesome, and downright terrifying. Her publishing credits include appearances in the Absent Willow review, Dark Fire, Strange Publications Fifty-Two Stitches anthology, and Ballista Magazine, where she has been awarded first prize in their short story contest 2008. She also does some work as an editor, having assisted several authors with their novels, and with what time she has left, she enjoys acting as submissions editor for Shock Totem magazine.

Rhys Hughes – Writer

I have been writing most of my life. In fact I am now 48 years old and began writing when I was 6, which means that I have been writing for forty-two years… I didn’t think about getting published until I was 14, though, and didn’t actually try until I was 17, and I didn’t succeed until I was 25, so the figures are not as straightforward as they might initially seem… My grand project is to write a story cycle consisting of exactly 1000 tales that are standalone stories but also connected to each other. I have recently finished writing story number 747. The eminent critic John Clute once called me “the Balzac of the fractal” and (perhaps immodestly) I accept this definition. My first book, Worming the Harpy, was published in 1995 and since then I have published 35 books and my work has been translated into ten different languages.

Todd Austin Hunt –  Writer

Todd Austin Hunt grew up in Kentucky.  He names his computer The Bizarro Factory, and has been publishing since 2003. Todd’s stories have appeared or will appear in the following publications:; New Growth: Recent Kentucky Writings; Lullaby Hearse; Dark Krypt; Fantastical Visions IV; Nocturnal Ooze; Sinister Tales;;; and Wordgathering.  He was nominated for a Pushcart Prize last year and won an Honorable Mention in the 2003 Annual Ray Bradbury Creative Writing Contest.

He lives in Charleston, South Carolina. He is not married to a burning scarecrowess and has no pets.

Ian Hunter – Writer

Ian Hunter is the author of 3 children’s books, and writes short stories and poetry and too many albino vampire stories. He is a member of the British Fantasy Society, the Glasgow Writers SF Circle, and the Ghost Story Society. He read “Keeping Me” at WordDogs the spoken word event in Glasgow.

Gavin F. Hurley – Reviewer

Gavin F. Hurley is a New Jersey native who recently received his M.A in Writing Arts from Rowan University in 2008. He is avid fan of all horror literature although his heart lies with smaller publishing houses. Gavin has published book reviews in Nossa Morte as well as Morpheus Tales. In his free time, he enjoys watching Giallo films, drinking coffee, and studying Western philosophy.

Gary Inbinder – Writer

Gary Inbinder is an attorney who recently left the practice of law to write full-time. Gary holds a J.D. from the (California) where he received an American Jurisprudence Award for Legal Writing, and a B.A. in English Literature from the University of Illinois, Chicago. His fiction, articles and essays have appeared in Bewildering Stories, The Copperfield Review, Humanitas, Praesidium, Quodlibet and Touchstone Magazine. He is a member of the Bewildering Stories Editorial Review Board.

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and European art, music, literature, politics and philosophy of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries provided background for his first novel, Confessions of the Creature, published by Drollerie Press. Confessions of the Creature is currently available in e-book from the publisher, Fictionwise, Mobipocket, and other e-book distributors. It is also available from Amazon in Kindle edition. The print edition is coming in 2009.

Joe Jablonski – Writer

Joe writes out of Charlotte, NC. He has worked published or forthcoming in around 40 markets including K-zine, Eschatology, Obsolescent. info, M-Brane SF, and Short-Story.ME! Genre Fiction, as well as recently having been nominated for the Pushcart prize. You can check out his blog at

Nate Jacob – Writer

Nate Jacobs, an English teacher, cook, bass guitarist, and avid traveler, has been creating fiction since the moment he learned to write.  He has been a frequent contributor to the Peninsula Pulse, the Door Voice, and the Green Bay Press Gazette.  Nate’s writing runs the gamut from the horrific, the hilarious, to the downright absurd.  He is now putting the finishing touches on his first novel.  A native of Door County, Wisconsin, he currently lives in Samara, Russia.

Shaun Jeffrey – Writer

Shaun Jeffrey was brought up in a house in a cemetery, so it was only natural for his prose to stray towards the dark side when he started writing. He has had four novels published, The Kult, Deadfall, Fangtooth and Evilution, and one collection of short stories, Voyeurs of Death. Among his other writing credits are short stories published in Cemetery Dance, Surreal Magazine, Dark Discoveries and Shadowed Realms. The Kult was optioned for film by Gharial Productions. Shooting has been completed. Release details pending. For more information, please visit:

Charlotte Johnson – Writer

Charlotte Johnson is an American student and Edward Gorey enthusiast, due to receive her bachelor’s degree in English Literature, May 2014. She lives near Washington D.C. Find her online at:

Erik T. Johnson – Writer

Erik T. Johnson’s writing has appeared or is forthcoming in Electric Velocipede, Shimmer, Space & Time Magazine, Tales of the Unanticipated, Crossed Genres, Trunk Stories, Sein und Werden, Structo, the British Fantasy Society Journal, Best New Zombie Tales Volume 3, Box of Delights from Aeon Press, and the Dead But Dreaming 2 anthology, among other publications. You can learn more about his work or contact him at

Paul Johnson-Jovanovic – Writer

Paul Johnson-Jovanovic began writing about a year ago. So far he has had fifteen short stories published in various magazines and ezines: Seventh Dimension, Spinetinglers, Blood Moon Rising, Twisted Tongue, Bewildering Stories, and Twisted Dreams. He has just had a novella accepted for publication, which should be available early in the New Year. Currently he is writing a novel, and one day hopes to be able to give up the day job so he can write full time.

Benjamin F. Jones – Writer

Benjamin F. Jones is a writer working in South Wales . He loves pizza, photography and moist clay. When it rains he catches drops in his open mouth. He creates poetry, short fiction and absurdist snapshots. He is currently applying to do an MPhil in Writing and working on his science-fiction novel. His work can be read at

Lee Jones – Writer

Lee Jones shares his home with more women (well, just one) children (lots) and animals (even more) than he can shake a stick at, but then he never was very good at either counting or shaking sticks.

His work has appeared in a number (again, the counting thing) of small press publications and accepted in many more. All that was a long time ago though and unfortunately, acceptance of his stories seemed to be the kiss of death to most small press zines and they tended to fold before his work saw print. After a break away from writing for a few years (blame the children and animals) he’s hoping to have better luck this time.

Even if you wanted to, you can’t visit him online as he doesn’t have a website or a MySpace page or a blog. He’s more than a little ashamed of this and really should do better, but he’d still like to add you as his friend anyway.

Mark Howard Jones – Writer

Mark Howard Jones lives in Cardiff and has had stories published in magazines and anthologies and on websites both here and in the US. His novella ‘The Garden of Doubt on the Island of Shadows’ was published by Manchester’s ISMs Press ( and his new eBook ‘Against The Wall’ is available to download free from the Screaming Dreams website (

Steven Julson – Writer

Steven Julson lives in Orlando, FL where he’s worked as a grant writer, a music teacher, a graduate student and, since 2011, in the video game industry. He has a fondness for his children, his hard-working wife, and eating over the sink where no one will bother him. His short story, “The Fraudulent Corpse” appeared in Morpheus Tales #32. He runs a website suggesting music to write to based on the work’s subject matter at

Fred R. Kane – Writer

Fred R. Kane is a lyricist first. He’s been accused from time to time, of writing poetry. Angels and Sirens is his first short story attempt. Of all his accomplishments, Fred will say his greatest is winning over Greg Hall with the poem, Snuff flick critic, which can be found on the Lamp Light Poets thread @

Brent Michael Kelley – Writer
Brent Michael Kelley lives in northern Wisconsin with his lovely wife and amazing son. When he’s not sitting in front of a campfire with a few IPAs, BMK likes to write tales of dark fantasy. He has a fondness for gnomes and robots and demons and demonic robot-gnomes. He’s grateful to anyone who’s read one of his stories and considers himself very lucky. He enjoys corn dogs and finds it uncomfortable to write about himself in the third person.

Evan Kells – Writer

Evan Kells’ hobbies include keeping a low profile and concealing his mayhem-intensive writing avocation from his strait-laced “day job” peers. He can be found (by those who know where to look) lurking in the American Midwest with his son, his dog and his legion of personal demons.

Michelle Ann King – Writer

Michelle Ann King writes science fiction, fantasy, and horror from her kitchen table in Essex, England. Her favourite author is Stephen King (sadly, no relation), and she also loves zombies, Las Vegas, and good Scotch whisky. She’s sold stories to a variety of anthologies and magazines, including Strange Horizons, Interzone, and Black Static, and her first collection Transient Tales is available in ebook and paperback now. See for links to her published books and stories.

Gwendolyn Kiste – Writer

Gwendolyn Kiste is a horror and fantasy writer based in Pennsylvania. Her short stories have appeared in numerous publications including Electric Spec, Sanitarium Magazine, LampLight, and Typehouse Literary Magazine among others. As a nonfiction writer, she contributes genre editorials to, and she is the resident “weird wanderer” for the travel-centric Wanderlust and Lipstick.

You can find her at and on Twitter (@GwendolynKiste).

Laurence Klavan – Writer

Laurence Klavan wrote the novels, The Cutting Room and The Shooting Script, published by Ballantine Books, and has won the Edgar Award from the Mystery Writers of America. His graphic novels, City of Spies and Brain Camp, co-written with Susan Kim, were published in 2010 by First Second Books at Macmillan. He received two Drama Desk nominations for the book and lyrics to Bed and Sofa, the musical produced by the Vineyard Theater in New York, where he lives. His website is

Ray Kolb – Writer

Ray Kolb has been a lawyer for sixteen years. Ray normally lives in Alabama with his wife and daughter. However, he has been living and working in Afghanistan since January 2009, where he mentors Afghan prosecutors and investigators on Afghan criminal law and procedure. Ray has had stories published by Espresso Fiction, Whispering Spirits, Sonar 4, and Pear Noir!, and has a story coming out in the upcoming anthology, Shadows & Light: Tales of Lost Kingdoms.

Tomasz Alen Kopera – Artist

The talented artist Tomasz Alen Kopera was born in in 1976. His artistic workshop testifies to his high susceptibility. His art is of the highest artistic level, and he is well known for his accurate drawing and his unique perception of colours.

“I have been painting for as long as I can remember. The subject matter of my paintings springs from my fascination for human nature, as well as for all that is dark and mysterious. Through my paintings I want to affect the subconscious. I want to attract the spectator’s attention for a longer moment, and arouse the thoughtfulness and contemplation in him.”

Rachel Kusama – Writer

Rachel Kusama is a typical Aries, dabbling gleefully in various artistic mediums yet often never remembering to follow through in sharing them with the public. Currently, she performs with Vena’s Evil Dolls at public events such as Bondage Ball and Exotica. She was also a 2000 ACTF Irene Ryan Nominee and a former staff writer, under a different pseudonym, for Crypt Magazine.

Rachel considers her infant daughter Suki to be her greatest artistic achievement. Rachel is happily married and currently resides in the “Lone Star” state. Rachel is currently working on her B.A. in Sociology and is a full time “Mommy”. She looks forward to sharing more of her work, if she doesn’t forget due to becoming sidetracked. Oh, shiny!

Brian Kutco – Writer

Brian Kutco is twenty-nine years old and lives in Leicester, England. He writes mostly in the horror genre and is constantly trying to improve his style. He has had one other short story published in Twisted Tongue Magazine #10 called “Spiders Among Us” and he hopes to have many more published.

Brian K. Ladd – Writer

Brian K. Ladd was born in the shadow of an ancient monadnock, nursed on the milk of storytellers, and left to play in the midst of myths and legends. He has since tried to bring the dual world of myth and reality together. He amalgamates philosophy, literature, and a voyeuristic honesty for our common culture that gives his stories a poignancy that is an immediate indictment, and a nostalgic reverie.

Michael Laimo – Writer

Michael Laimo has written the novels FIRES RISING, DEAD SOULS, ATMOSPHERE, (nominated for the Bram Stoker Award in the category of ‘first novel’), DEEP IN THE DARKNESS (nominated for the Stoker in the ‘novel’ category), and THE DEMONOLOGIST, all of which were published in paperback by Leisure Books. He has also had a dark S/F-Suspense novel, SLEEPWALKER, published in Limited Edition hardcover by Delirium Books. He’s written and published over 100 short stories, which appeared in many anthologies and magazines, including A WALK ON THE DARKSIDE, LOST ON THE DARKSIDE, HOT BLOOD XII: STRANGE BEDFELLOWS, SURREAL MAGAZINE, INHUMAN MAGAZINE, and LONG ISLAND PULSE. Many of these stories have been collected in three short story hardcovers: DARK RIDE, DEMONS, FREAKS, AND OTHER ABNORMALITIES, and DREGS OF SOCIETY.  He has been featured and interviewed in many well known horror magazines, including RUE MORGUE, PENNY BLOOD, SCARS, DARK DISCOVERIES, and APEX MAGAZINE, and on numerous online websites.

Michael’s short story ANXIETY was filmed as a feature by Burning Grounds Motion Entertainment, with a planned release to festivals in the fall of 2008.

Michael’s work has also been translated in Italian, Spanish, and Czechoslovakian.

Michael writes part time, two hours a day, seven days a week. When he isn’t writing, he’s busy at his full time job as a sales rep for a swimwear company in Manhattan ’s garment center, a career he hopes to leave behind someday soon! He graduated with a BA in communications from Geneseo State University in NY in 1988. While there he played guitar and sang in a rock band called Nirvana. They ultimately had to give up that name.

Michael can be contacted through his website at, or through Additional information can be found at, and

Anthony J. Langford – Writer

Anthony J. Langford is a 2014 Pushcart Prize Nominee. Some of his recent publications include Vayavya, The Literary Yard, Innovate & The Blue Magazine. A novella, Bottomless River (2012) and a poetry collection, Caged without Walls (2013) are out through Ginninderra Press. Many writings and videos at

Joe R. Lansdale – Writer

Joe R. Lansdale is the author of thirty novels and over two hundred short pieces, numerous screenplays and teleplays and comic book scripts. He has won numerous awards for his work, including the Edgar, The Grinzani Prize for Literature, The British Fantasy Award, seven Bram Stoker Awards, two New York Times notable books, and others.

His novella “BUBBA HOTEP” was made into a cult film, and his story “Incident On And Off A Mountain Road” was made into an episode of MASTERS OF HORROR for SHOWTIME.

He lives in Nacogdoches, Texas with his wife Karen, three dogs and two cats.

Robin Lanyon – Writer

Robin Lanyon has always had a talent for writing, but it wasn’t until the economic down turn that she found the time to take her career in a new direction. Seizing the moment, in January 2008 Robin began laying down her first words to what would be her first horror novel entitled The Nefarious Tongue, which was released August 2008. The final draft to her second novel called Lost in the Flesh has just been completed with a tentative summer 2009 release. Her short story, “The Big Bad Wolf” will be featured in the June issue of Twisted Dreams Magazine in the United States. Along with writing horror tales and novels, Robin also writes poetry (mostly dark poetry.) A small collection of poems was featured in the Nevada Poets 2009 book and another collection of poems will be featured in the June issue of Worlds Within – World Beyond Magazine. Robin is working hard to make her new career as an author a success.

Michael Laquerre – Writer

Michael Laquerre has been writing short fiction for a number of years and has been recently published in Horror Bound Magazine. When Michael decides to take a break from writing, he practices the suicidal art of real estate. He currently resides in Valrico, Florida where he is hard at work on a novel of psychological terror.

Jason Lavertue – Writer

Jason Lavertue has been writing horror short stories for the last ten years. He has stories in online magazines such as House of Pain, SNM Horror Magazine, Macabre Cadaver and the print anthologies Northern Haunts from Shroud Publishing and Mother Goose is Dead coming out in 2010.

Jason lives in New Hampshire with his wife and two children. He works at a nuclear power plant which would explain his baldness and slight glow to his skin.  He writes when he can and hopes to begin a novel in the near future.

Brandon Layng – Writer

Brandon Layng is a horror writer living in the not so white North with his wife and two kids. His fiction has appeared in or is due from Tales of the Zombie War, Cemetery Moon, NVF Magazine, Golden Visions Magazine, Sonar4, Darkened Horizons, and the anthologies Courting Morpheus, Northern Haunts and the 2008 Gentlemen of Horror. Hopefully his three novels “Angel’s Crossing”, “The Sex Sideshow” and “Sin in Skin” will see the light of the published day. Get updates at

David Lear – Writer

David Lear was born in North Wales . He gained a Theoretical Physics degree and four friends at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne , and now lives in London . He writes a wide variety of fiction and hopes that one day his as-yet-unpublished novel, World’s End, will be read and loved by people across the globe.

Robert Leija – Artist

The world is chaos and beauty. Within the darkness, digitizer and pen in hand the magic of creativity spills forth.

Since 2000 I have been trapped in the world of digital. Slaving like a madman too master it’s power. Finally to emerging Victorious! Actually I do dabble in the ancient art of pen, ink and graphite from time to time but nothing affords me the speed and power of the mighty pixel. I love to read stories and solve the problems of bringing those characters to life. Illustrating is my passion and I take the application of it very seriously.

Robert Leija is a graduate of The Art Institute of Dallas, and specializes in Digital Illustrations of all kinds. He currently resides in Wichita Falls Tx, Near Dallas-Fort Worth

Twitter @ RobertLeija

Michael Lejeune – Writer

Michael Lejeune is the author of Shame the Devil, a horror novel, and many short stories published in America and overseas.  He lives in New York, and in addition to his work as a novelist and short story writer, he is an accomplished musician. If he could choose his death, he would be caught in some kind of Lovecraftian nightmare, and almost make it out.

You can get a copy of Shame the Devil here:
And visit Michael’s website:

LeMat – Artist

The luminal creature known as LeMat grew up in the grim north dreaming of the stars, but since he didn’t suit any of the colours of the star trek uniforms he decided just to scrawl other worlds in bodily fluids rather than visit them. His interests include shouting at cardboard boxes, Brussels sprouts, mirror gazing and mendacity.

Joshua LeSaur – Writer

“I am a very tall hobbit with a very small brain. My life has been a riot of good fortune and spectacles of stupidity.
For example, in a little less than three months (July 25th), I will be wedding the Scream Queen of Minneapolis at First Ave, the awesomest night club what ever was. We will have a custom designed, Joker cake (her idea), a Brandon Lee quote will be on the invites (my idea), my sister will be my best man, Rachel will be decked out in a hand-tailored, flapper-era dress, I will be in Chinese silk, there will be some 200 people there (10 of which I actually know), we will be wed by the coolest, gay Justice of the Peace/actor/casting director ever, Mr. Matthew Feeney, and after a night of newlywed nookie, we’ll be winging to Hawaii for a week plus change of sun-dappled frivolity.
Unfortunately, despite the fact I’ve never sang in front of people, don’t have the pipes, no musical ambitions, at all, I’ve foolishly offered to sing Rachel a love ballad, composed by me, on the stage graced by 90% of the coolest singers of the past 30 years.
See? I’m blessed. Just not with brains.”

Allan Leverone – Writer

Allan Leverone is a horror/thriller/dark fiction author and two-time Derringer Award Finalist whose work has been featured in Shroud Magazine, Twisted Dreams, Mysterical-E, Black Hound, FlashShot and Crime and Suspense, among others, as well as the print anthologies Ten for Ten from Wolfmont Press (2008) and Shroud Publishing’s Northern Haunts (2009).

Allan is the author of three as-yet unpublished novels and lives in with his wife Sue, three children and one beautiful granddaughter. Feel free to visit him at or his website at

Jeremiah Levine – Writer

Jeremiah Job Levine was born in Connecticut and raised in Israel, and has been a lobsterman, stage worker, tank driver, stay-at-home dad and pretty much everything in between. He now works as a veterinary technician and writes horror and fantasy. His stories have appeared in the anthologies Tangle, Animal Magnetism and Cover of Darkness, as well as various dark corners of the Web such as Camp Horror, The Dream People, Insidious Reflections and Devil’s Work. He lives in , Connecticut with his wife Alvira, their two daughters and the customary utterly useless cat familiar.

Matt Leyshon – Writer

Matt Leyshon is a writer based in Blackpool , England . Many of his strange stories are set in the fictionalised Dorset town of Leddenton where he grew up. His work can be found in publications such as E’ch Pi El, Lovecraft’s Disciples, and Paraphilia Magazine.

Mark Lewis – Writer

Mark Lewis has been widely published in the independent press, including in the British Fantasy Society Journal, Wordland, Kind of a Hurrican Press anthologies and Sein und Werden.  He is a member of the Clockhouse London Writers group.  More details can be found at, including the dystopian industrial dance music project International Electromatics.

Jessica Lilien – Writer

Jessica Lilien has work published in Meridian (winner of the 2016 Meridian Editor’s Prize), the Chattahoochee Review (nominated for a 2015 Pushcart Prize), LUMINA Journal (one of the winners of the 2013 Lumina Fiction Contest, judged by George Saunders), Clackamas Literary Review, Columbia Journal online, and the anthology Night Terrors III, among other publications.  She lives in Brooklyn.

Alan Loewen – Writer

Born in late 1954 in Easthampton, New York, Alan Loewen is the product of a long line of German Mennonite farmers on his father’s side and a long line of Episcopalian whalers and fishermen on his mother’s side.

In his early years, Loewen became an avid reader, devouring fantasy and science fiction as fast he could read. His favorite novels to this day will always be H. G. Wells’ War of the Worlds along with Jules Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth. Loewen knows that his writing did not originate in a vacuum and acknowledges he stands on the shoulders of giants who have inspired him over the years: C. S. Lewis, H. P. Lovecraft, Alan Garner, Robert Holdstock, and many others.

Loewen also makes no bones about his writing: he writes solely to entertain, his first desire to be a storyteller. If the reader discovers some great universal truth in a Loewen-crafted tale, that’s icing on the cake, but as Loewen has said, “I want my readers simply to enjoy themselves in a story of my own creation. If they feel their time has not been wasted and they liked the story, I have achieved my primary goal.”

Loewen’s stories come from a plethora of experience he has gathered over the years in working as a factory worker, inner-city security guard, park ranger, youth worker, radio personality, stage actor, stage and parlor magician, an ordained member of the clergy, computer salesman, counselor for mood disorders, life coach, and a host of other vocations.

A lover of cinema, cats, neolithic survivals, oriental cuisine, gardening, used book stores, old houses, and sacred architecture, Loewen presently lives in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Married and with three sons, he shares his home with a Sheltie, a sun conure lovingly dubbed “The Death Chicken,” and far too many cats.

Sean Logan – Writer

Sean Logan’s stories have appeared in more than thirty publications, including the 2nd Spectral Book of Horror Stories, Black Static, Supernatural Tales, The New Gothic and Dark Visions Vol 1. He lives in northern California and when he’s not reading or writing, he enjoys loud music, spicy food, bad movies and good tequila.

Kevin Lucia – Writer

Kevin Lucia writes for The Press & Sun Bulletin and The Relief Journal ( His short fiction has appeared in Coach’s Midnight Diner, The Relief Journal, All Hallows, Darkened Horizons Vol. 3  &4, NexGen Pulp Magazine Issues 1 & 4, From the Shadows, Morpheus Tales Magazine, Bohemian-Alien, Shroud Publishing’s horror anthology, Abominations, and Tyndale House’s inspirational anthology Life Savors. He’s currently writing a novella for Shroud Publishing‘s upcoming novella series, The Hiram Grange Chronicles.

He resides in Castle Creek, , with his wife Abby, daughter Madison and son Zackary. He teaches high school English at Central High School in New York; and is finishing his Masters of Arts in Creative Writing at University. Visit him on the web at and

Adrian Ludens – Writer

Adrian Ludens is a radio announcer and fiction author from Rapid City, South Dakota, USA. His collections, When Bedbugs Bite and Bedtime Stories for Carrion Beetles, are available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats. Other recent publication appearances include: Broken Worlds, Surreal Worlds, Science Fiction Short Stories (part of the Gothic Fantasy series), and The Mammoth Book of Jack the Ripper Stories. Adrian is an Active member of the Horror Writers Association. Visit

Joe Lynch – Writer

Joe Lynch is a recently retired Captain from the Philadelphia Fire Department. In preparation for a second career he went back to school. He had intended to pursue a degree in counselling psychology but a demon took over his body and he ended up with a MFA in creative writing from Rosemont College. He writes not only horror but depressing stories in other genres as well. His Family describes him as a very strange man.

Chuck Lyons – Writer

Chuck Lyons is a former newspaper editor and a freelance writer whose articles, memoirs, stories, and haiku have appeared in a number of national and international periodicals. He resides near Rochester New York, USA, with his wife Brenda and a beagle named Gus.

Kevin J. MacLeod – Writer
Kevin J. MacLeod was raised by Necromancers and Chaosophers. From a tender age of thirty something, he had decided that writing was his way of spreading darkness over the living world. To damage formed and forming psyches alike without the pliant musings of edged instrumentation. He has been wedded in the dark arcane mysterion of a once proud and purely maniacal conclave. He now resides in Missouri with a breathtaking (she has been known to strangle those in which she deems worthy), and sexy succubus and their several loyal hell beasts that have arose from blackened birth to slay first and have kibble second.
Also, I am respected in the hood like a G.
M.B. Manteufe – Writer

M.B. Manteufel has had her dark and twisted fiction published in Yellow Mama, Niteblade, Nocturnal Ooze, From the Asylum, and Blood Moon Rising, among other places with charming names. She also has a story appearing in the anthology Kwik Krimes, edited by the renowned Otto Penzler. A former federal law enforcement agent, she has always been drawn to things dangerous, deviant, and disturbing. In her current incarnation as a writer, she now enjoys indulging those interests worry-free of being shot, stabbed, maimed, or sued. She makes her home on the dry side of Washington State.

Nick Manzolillo – Writer

Nick Manzolillo’s writing has appeared in publications such as Mother’s Revenge, Lovecraftiana, The New England Horror Writer’s publication: Wicked Witches and the Tales To Terrify Podcast. He lives in Manhattan, has recently completed an MFA in Creative and Professional Writing from Western Connecticut State University and works as a content operations specialist for a news app called TopBuzz.

Caitlin Marceau – Writer

A soon to be graduate of Concordia University with a B.A. in creative writing, Caitlin works for an array of publications and lit mags. When she’s not covered in ink or wading through stacks of paper, you can find her ranting about issues in pop culture or nerding out over a good book.


Brick Marlin – Writer

Married to a woman who keeps him chained up in a room so won’t try and escape from home and turn his fiction into reality, Brick Marlin silently resides in the Ohio Valley. Please stop by and visit his website at

Simon Marshall-Jones – Writer

Born in rural Wales what seems like aeons ago, Simon caught the sci-fi, fantasy and horror bug at an early age, as well as a love of literature, from his father. After attending art college and then spending the next six/seven years afterwards travelling around the UK and bits of Europe to watch dodgy goth bands, he went back to university to study a degree in what was then the new electronic frontier – Computer Multimedia. However, all he got out of it was an unfinished degree and hospitalisation with a stroke. In the intervening years, he has been an artist, a record label owner, a writer, book reviewer and now runs Spectral Press. Simon lives with his wife Liz and a menagerie of furry animals somewhere in the Midlands of the UK , although the northern wilds of Scotland are beckoning within the next few years.

Max Martelli – Artist

Max Martelli is a horror / fantasy artist based out of Boston, MA. Using both traditional and digital media he has been working freelance since his graduation from the New England School of Art and Design in 2011, creating various illustrations for independent creators both locally and around the world. You can find his work online at ( or on instagram at (

April Martin – Artist

April Martin is an Army Brat who has spent her life travelling. A sketchbook was her constant companion. Her greatest goal in life; to tell a story that makes people think and feel, that stays with them for days.

matlocktheartist – In-House Artist and designer of the Morpheus Profile Picture

Mark Matlock (aka matlocktheartist) was born into art. His uncles and cousins were a mix of painters and sculptors, and his father was a master photographer with portrait studios in New York and Chicago. Raised in big melting-pot cities, such as Chicago, New York, and Rome, Matlock found he got as much inspiration from the various people he observed as the exotic locations where he lived. By sixteen years old, Matlock was featuring paintings at group shows in New York, and later would go on to do both solo and group exhibits throughout Chicago, Indiana, Texas, and Arizona. With no other formal training besides his four years at New York City’s High School of Art & Design, Matlock would devote himself to understanding the nuances of multiple mediums. He is presently as proficient with oils, acrylics, charcoal, and graphite as he is with digital tools, such as Macromedia Flash and Corel Painter, that would become his signature mediums.

Matlock the Artist currently resides in Tucson, Arizona, where he partakes in a daily ritual of watching old movies, listening to jazz, and surfing the net until late in the afternoon when he finally surrenders to his muse and paints until 4 or 5 in the morning. Reclusive but not unfriendly, Matlock to this day prefers painting people to talking to them.

Contact Information


Basic Information

Name: Mark Matlock aka matlocktheartist (online name)

Born: April 5, 1963 – Chicago , Illinois

Married: Dec 7, 1986

Current home: Tucson, Arizona

Traditional mediums: Oils, Acrylic, Charcoal, Graphite and mixed mediums.

Digital tools: Macromedia Flash, Corel Painter

Present projects:

Portraits and Words – oil on canvas series.

Straight Ahead – jazz greats playing card set.

May’s Fool – music show costume design and art.

The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus – illustrated novel.

Gary McCluskey – Artist

Gary McCluskey has been working as an artist for over 20 years doing everything from book covers, comic books, magazine illustrations, rpg artwork and greeting cards. Back at the end of the last century he self published a comic called Rayne. Lately, he’s been painting lots of Zombies and Bigfoots.

You can see his work at:


James McCormick – Writer

James McCormick is a college lecturer from Manchester, England and has been writing horror and science fiction for over twenty years.

He has had several stories published professionally, including a tale called Tommy and the Trolls in Mystery and Horror LLC’s anthology Strangely Funny (August 2013) and a novella “Sundown” published by Hellbound Press. He also has a science fiction novel Dragon due out in October 2013.

R. Scott McCoy – Writer

R. Scott McCoy was born in Kodiak, and raised in Bemidji,

Minnesota. He currently lives in the northern suburbs of the Twin Cities with his wife, two daughters and three dogs. He has had twenty short stories published over the last two years and his 1st Novel, is due out from Shroud Publishing in March 2009. Scott is the Publisher of Necrotic Tissue, a horror ezine and is an Affiliate Member of the HWA.  You can get in touch with Scott via his my space page

Joseph McGee – Writer

Joseph McGee is the bestselling author of such titles as In the Wake of the Night, Snow Hill and his newest release, The Reaper.

His short fiction has been collected into The Sound of Horror, Shroud Magazine, Morpheus Tales, to name just a few; he is co-editor of the forthcoming anthology Winter Frights.

His critically acclaimed short story Phil’s Place was a finalist for the Preditors & Editor award in 2007.

Joe is currently working on a horde of other stories, both novels and shorts, and his currently an Active member with the Horror Writers Association and is a board member of the Southern Horror Writers Association.

You can normally find Joe behind you in a dark corner thinking pivotally about his next upcoming novel – or world domination.

He resides in Massachusetts with his four rescued felines, and keeps a disparate collection of Boston Celtics memorabilia.

His work as been compared to that of Dean Koontz (for Snow Hill) and Clive Barker (for The Reaper).

Visit him online at and make sure you check him out on MySpace!

Shamus McGillicuddy – Writer

Shamus McGillicuddy is a technology industry analyst based in Boston, Massachusetts. In a former life, he spent 15 years as a journalist. He is writing two novels. One is a ghost-infested murder mystery. The other is a post-apocalyptic science fantasy. Dark Work is his first published work of fiction. Follow him on Twitter at @ShamusMc1.

David McGillveray – Writer

David McGillveray was born in Edinburgh but now lives and works in London, where he is enjoying/enduring being a father for the first time. His fiction has appeared in Futurismic, Neo-Opsis, Space and Time, Coyote Wild and others. Sam’s Dot Publishing put out his first collection, Celeraine, in 2008.

Ashby McGowan – Writer

Ashby started out by writing factual articles about e.g. Sir William Wallace. He could take three years to research and write one article. He then went on to write and perform poetry. His work has been used by the U.N. and by Amnesty Int. At the moment he is trying to get a Theatre to put on a play he have written about Selchies. Ashby loves writing short stories and writes a lot of Fantasy and Horror. He like writing “odd” things because he has an “odd” mind. Another project he is involved with is multi-voice. He is trying to set up a multi-voice group in Glasgow. If successful, Ashby will try to set up similar groups around the world: there is an article about his multi-voice writing in the current issue of the poetry mag, Infinity’s Kitchen. He am a Buddhist and a vegan. Ashby McGowan writes poetry and short stories. His horror, sci-fi, and just plain weird stories can be found at:

David McGuire – Writer

David McGuire is a lawyer based in Glasgow , who probably plays more games with wee army men than he rightly should. He is honing his writing ability for the coming day when a knowledge of grammar and three-act structures will prove essential in the fight against evil, and also so that he can fulfil his promise to his children to write them a story with knights riding dinosaurs fighting pirates who also ride on dinosaurs (the movie rights are available). He is currently working as a freelance writer for Wyrd Miniatures, and you can find out more about him here –

Brockton McKinney – Writer

Brockton McKinney is a robotic hermit who writes comic books, screenplays, and other assorted tales from his overground lair well above the Earth’s core.  He is known for the comic book series’ Ehmm Theory, Zoe Dare, AmeriKarate, and the Gingerdead Man. He is unabashedly a huge nerd, and one that still plays with Star Wars figures (albeit with his much cooler daughter).

Christian McPhate – Writer

Christian McPhate is a freelance writer who ignites the words on the page with his flair for dark humour. His poems, columns, and short stories have appeared in various publications from the collegiate halls to the United Kingdom. He has presented several of his writings at several conventions across the US.

He resides in Wichita Falls, Texas with his family. He is a graduate student at Midwestern State University where he is completing his Masters of Arts in English with a creative writing focus. He is a member of Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society and editor of Voices, a creative student publication that offers a voice for the talented authors and artists in the North Texas area.

Stephen McQuiggan – Writer

Stephen McQuiggan was the original author of the bible; he vowed never to write again after the publishers removed the dinosaurs and the spectacular alien abduction ending from the final edit. His other, lesser known, novels are A Pig’s View Of Heaven and Trip A Dwarf.

Colin Meldrum – Writer

Colin Meldrum is terrified of masks. He is the founding editor of A cappella Zoo, a magazine of magic realism & slipstream. “This is Dishonest Clay” comes from the novel-in-stories A History of Halves, from which other excerpts have been published in Neonbeam and Schlock Magazine. His other work has appeared or is forthcoming in Underground Voices, Sideshow Fables, Collective Fallout, Sugar House Review, Weave, and elsewhere. Originally from Idaho and Washington in the US, Colin currently lives in the UK and teaches ESOL.

Sean Michael – Writer

Sean Michael is an artist serving a life sentence in the California Prison System. He has written many poems and short stories and is working on several longer manuscripts. He has fought depression all his life and writes to stay sane. His blog, is managed by his dear grandmother. His collection of poetry called “Stygian” is available online (published by Page Publishing).

Adam Millard – Writer

Adam Millard is the author of thirteen novels and more than a hundred short stories, which can be found in various collections and anthologies. Probably best known for his post-apocalyptic fiction, Adam also writes fantasy/horror for children. He created the character Peter Crombie, Teenage Zombie just so he had something decent to read to his son at bedtime. Adam also writes Bizarro fiction for several publishers, who enjoy his tales of flesh-eating clown-beetles and rabies-infected derrieres so much that they keep printing them. His “Dead” series has been the filling in a Stephen King/Bram Stoker sandwich on Amazon’s bestsellers chart, and the translation rights have recently sold to German publisher, Voodoo Press. Adam also writes for This Is Horror, whose columnists include Shaun Hutson, Simon Bestwick and Simon Marshall-Jones. Adam lives in the post-apocalyptic landscape known as Wolverhampton, England, with his wife, Zoe, and son, Phoenix.

B. Miller – Writer

B. Miller – SC, USA – is an author of dark and speculative fiction who currently lives in and draws inspiration from the Southern United States. She has been published in Fissure Magazine and Sinister Tales, and A Cappella Zoo Issue 2.

John Arthur Miller – Writer

John Arthur Miller, known as JAM to friends and fans, is a writer and small-press publisher using print-on-demand and an editorial team specializing in copy editing. His online magazine seeks to combine artwork with speculative fiction/poetry to create a merger of the arts. Personally, he has over 60 publishing acceptances, most recently at Necrotic Tissue, Three Crow Press and Dark Distortions Vol II.  He’s been on blog-talk radio programs promoting the work of others, which he finds easier than promoting his own work.

Erin Mockler – Writer

An avid fan of Stephen King, Robert Bloch and Richard Matheson, Erin Mockler enjoys writing horror and tales of the weird. When not cruising on her Triumph, she deals regularly with the horrors and crazies working at a downtown library – a hellish inspiration in and of itself.

Matt Mok – Writer

Matt Mok lives in New Hampshire, but spent his formative years in Queens, New York. He is a freelance goblin bounty hunter who spends his spare time free-climbing bell towers, running with wolf packs, and fabricating fantastic lies about himself. He also writes when inspiration strikes, and on rarer occasions is even published.

Kimberly Moore – Writer

Kimberly Moore works as a administrative assistant. She lives in Helena, Montana and is back writing after a 15 year break. This is her first published story in over 15 years!

Paul Michael Moreau – Writer

Paul Michael Moreau is a writer living on the south coast of the United Kingdom and working mainly in various speculative fiction genres. His stories have appeared in magazines including Morpheus Tales, Sanitarium Magazine, Massacre Magazine Unsung Stories, and Perihelion among others. He is currently working on a short story cycle inspired by the sea and the dark underbelly of small town life.

Christine Morgan – Writer

Christine Morgan works the overnight shift in a psychiatric facility and divides her writing time among many genres. A lifelong reader, she also writes, reviews, beta-reads, occasionally edits and dabbles in self-publishing. She has several novels in print, with more due out soon. Her stories have appeared in more than three dozen anthologies, ‘zines and e-chapbooks. She’s been nominated for the Origins Award and made Honorable Mention in two volumes of Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror. She’s also a wife, mom, and possible future crazy-cat-lady whose other interests include gaming, history, superheroes, crafts, and cheesy disaster movies.

John Morgan – Writer

John has been a life-long fan of horror fiction and a former member of The Ghost Story Society. He has been published in numerous magazines, as well as the anthologies Dark Hoard,Unspeakable: A New Breed of Terror, Under The Stairs, and Night Terrors II.

Louise Morgan – Writer

Louise Morgan vividly remembers her grandfather reading a book of H.G. Wells’ short stories aloud to her when she was little… and remembers, equally vividly, being afraid of pretty much everything she encountered for the next twenty years. She wonders whether the two may be connected. Her work has previously appeared in the British Fantasy Society’s New Horizons. She lives in Surrey in the UK with her husband, son and cat, and can be found online at

Andrew Morris – Writer

Andrew Morris is a 22 year old who lives in Sherman Oaks, CA with his girlfriend of four years and his best friend of fifteen years. He writes, directs, co-writes, and co-directs short films. You can watch them here:

Mithun Mukherjee – Writer

Mithun Mukherjee hails from New Delhi, India. He has been writing fiction for as long as he can remember and often wonders if he can still make a writer out of himself. He has previously published Cold Feet, a collection of dark fiction short stores and Revenge, a novella. His shorts have been published in The Four Quarterly Literary Magazine (online), Crossed & Knotted (print) and the soon to be published Rudraksh (print). He writes from time to time at

Charles Austin Muir – Writer

Charles Austin Muir hails from Portland, Oregon. He has been a published writer for over ten years now, primarily in the horror genre. Two of his stories were in anthologies nominated for the Bram Stoker Award. One of his stories was selected as an honorable mention in The Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror. His story “Party Monster” appears in Peel Back the Skin, an anthology featuring such writers as Graham Masterton and Ray Garton, and his story “King Shits” was selected for The Year’s Best Hardcore Horror. He is also a freelance journalist. Learn more about him at

Ryan David Muirhead – Reviewer

Ryan David Muirhead is a freelance writer from British Columbia , Canada . His work has appeared in Plus! Magazine and The Morpheus Tales Supplement, and has received the Friends of the Library Award for Short Fiction. He holds a degree in anthropology. Visit him online at

Joe L. Murr – Writer

Joe L. Murr has lived on every continent except Antarctica. He

currently divides his time between Finland and the Netherlands. He keeps a suitcase packed at all times. His fiction has appeared in Read by Dawn I & II, Avant Garde for the New Millennium, Eclectica, Dark Recesses Press and other print and online publications. He sometimes wonders what the Antarctic winter would do to his writing.

Joe Mynhardt – Writer

Joe Mynhardt is a two time Bram Stoker Award nominated South African publisher, non-fiction editor, and teacher.

Joe is the owner of Crystal Lake Publishing (Publisher of the Year in the 2013 This Is Horror Awards), which he started in August, 2012. Since then he’s published and edited short stories, novellas, interviews and essays by the likes of Neil Gaiman, Clive Barker, Ramsey Campbell, Jack Ketchum, Graham Masterton, Adam Nevill, Lisa Morton, Elizabeth Massie, Joe McKinney, Edward Lee, Wes Craven, John Carpenter, George A. Romero, Mick Garris, and hundreds more.

Just like Crystal Lake Publishing, Joe believes in reaching out to all authors, new and experienced, and being a beacon of friendship and guidance in the Dark Fiction field.

Joe’s influences stretch from Poe, Doyle and Lovecraft to King, Connolly and Gaiman. You can read more about Joe and Crystal Lake Publishing at or find him on Facebook.

Joe is also a member of the HWA.

Maximilian G. Navo – Writer

Maximilian – known as just Max by his friends–was born and raised and currently lives in the central valley of California, where temperatures during a typical summer day can reach up to 115 degrees and remain at that for several days straight – -it’s literally like hell-on-earth, so drink up lots of H2O. For recreation, Max is a modern-day pugilist (or tries to be one at least), a family man, a game-geek, a lover, a scholar, a student, a dreamer and a writer.

Theresa C. Newbill – Writer

Theresa C. Newbill is a self described free spirit and former elementary school teacher turned writer. Her work has been widely published in various print and online magazines and she has received numerous awards for her writing.

Karen L. Newman – Writer

Karen L. Newman lives in Kentucky where she’s an active member of Horror Writers Association and edits Illumen and Afterburn SF. Over three hundred of her short stories and poems have been published both online and in print. Her recent fiction credits include Everyday Weirdness, Dead Worlds: Undead Stories, and Bloody October. Her poetry collections include EEKU (Sam’s Dot, 2005), ChemICKals (Naked Snake Press, 2007), and Toward Absolute Zero (Sam’s Dot, 2009). She won the 2005 Kentucky Mary Jane Barnes Award and two of her poems received honourable mention in The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror. She’s been nominated for a Rhysling Award and twice nominated for a Dwarf Star Award. She also writes reviews for Dark Discoveries. Please visit her online at

Paul Newman – Writer

Paul Newman lives in Northern California with his wife, daughter, and a neurotic beagle.  He sleeps with the closet light on and keeps a cricket bat next to the bed… just in case.

Toni Nicolino – Writer

Toni Nicolino became an aspiring horror writer at six years old, when she fell in love with Old Tom Tildrum, the terrifying cat from the illustrated children’s version of Joseph Jacobs’ ghost story, King of the Cats. Since then, she has been published in Woman’s Day, Reader’s Digest, Women’s Wear Daily, CosmoGIRL!, ELLEGirl, Budget Living, OK! and Zink magazines. She currently spends her evenings writing horror fiction in the Manhattan apartment she shares with her boyfriend, Anthony, and their three cats: May, Shea, and, you guessed it, OldTom.

Claire Nixon – Writer

Claire Nixon, born on the unluckiest day of September 1973, is from the North-East. She is the mother of five children, six if you include her husband. She started creating short stories and poetry a few years ago. She’s currently a full time student through Open University. She has had several short stories published in magazines, e-zines, audio and anthologies. Her children’s tale Tabitha and Pirate Jim is now published as an audio tale with Audio Stories For Kids. She is the founder/editor of Twisted Tongue magazine.

Douglas J. Ogurek – Writer

Douglas J. Ogurek’s fiction, though banned on Mars, appears in over 40 Earth publications. Ogurek founded the literary subgenre known as unsplatterpunk, which uses splatterpunk conventions (e.g., extreme violence, gore, taboo subject matter) to deliver a Christian message. He also reviews films at Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction. More at

Jeffrey James Oleniacz – Artist

Jeffrey James Oleniacz has been an artist since early childhood, and he has also been a fan of all kinds of speculative fiction from a young age.  He mostly enjoys improving his craft by observing great works, trying to figure out the process himself, and creating his own art as much art as possible as an outlet for his active imagination.  He does have some formal art education from the University of Pittsburgh, a workshop by William Scheider, and years of individual instruction from longtime professional artist/illustrator Gloria Peterson-Plemmons.  Influences span the entirety of art history, but his greatest inspiration is derived from the Renaissance masters.  A large gallery of his work can be seen at

Todd Outcalt – Writer

Todd Outcalt is the author of more than thirty books in six languages. In addition to his work appearing in Morpheus Tales, he has written science fiction, fantasy, and horror for many other magazines. He enjoys hiking, travel and painting.

Rosalie Parker – Writer

Rosalie Parker runs Tartarus Press with her partner Ray Russell. She writes stories occasionally as a hobby.

Gareth Partington – Artist

Gareth Partington is an artist based in Lichfield in Staffordshire who combines traditional photography techniques with modern digital imaging manipulation.

The work he creates is profoundly textured and establishes a dark and intense atmosphere. It is inspired by many factors such as films, stories, books, and experiences, echoing that of a fairy tale or nightmare.

Each image has a story behind it, and goes through several stages of development. There is a mixture of photography, painting, drawing and collage within each image. These images can take up to 12 hours to complete due to the complexity of the digital manipulation. 

Whilst viewing the images it is hoped the onlooker is unsettled slightly but at the same time fascinated by the illusion these creations create.

Iain Paton – Writer

Iain Paton lives near Edinburgh , in Scotland , with his young family. He has been interested in horror fiction for as long as he can remember, and has been writing now for two years. His stories include “Mira”, a Japanese inspired horror story published in Dark Tales Volume XV in 2010, and “Preacher Man”, an urban horror tale set in Glasgow . He has also ‘played a zombie’ in an online film trailer for horror novel ‘Dead Beat’ and has been interviewed on local radio station Leith FM. He is currently working on a horror-crime novel called By The Sword, set in Glasgow .

He is online at ‘Black Dog Stories’:

Edward Pearce – Writer

Edward Pearce is a retired technical translator who lives in Lincolnshire with his partner and their two cats. His stories usually contain a supernatural or eerie element, and have appeared in the All Hallows journal, the UK Terror Tales series, and the anthology Acquainted With The Night. A further three are awaiting publication. In his spare time he enjoys walking, reading, looking for bargains in antique centres and online, days out on the East Anglian coast, and almost anything of historical interest.

Kristi Petersen Schoonover – Writer

Kristi Petersen Schoonover’s fiction has appeared in Wrong World’s anthology, I’m Going to Tell You One More Time; The Adirondack Review, Barbaric Yawp, Crimson Highway, Citizen Culture, New Witch Magazine, MudRock: Stories & Tales, and a host of others, including Susurrus Press’ I Am This Meat anthology and Tyrannosaurus Press’ Beacons of Tomorrow: Second Collection. She’s pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing at Goddard College, hosts the paranormal fiction segment on The Ghostman & Demon Hunter Show broadcast, and is a member of New England Horror Writers. She lives in Connecticut and still occasionally sleeps with the lights on.

Vladimir Petković – Artist

I’m a free-lance illustrator and artist. I’m a member of “Đorđe Lobačev” school of fine arts since 1993. I’ve published my illustration in three historically based books. I have exposed my art on various galleries and salons across the Serbia. Currently, I’m working on a comic book series and illustrations with magazine “Šlic”. Besides the painting I also write stories and poems, which I have publish in couple of short books. In spare time, I write columns and reviews for Serbian musical web-zine Metal Sound. More about me and my artwork at:, and

Brent Pilkey – Writer

Drugs, violence, murder.  Brent Pilkey has seen it all, up close and personal, in his twenty-seven years as a Toronto Police Officer.  He spent the first fifteen years of his career in the notorious downtown 51 Division and has used his experiences to write the incredibly realistic police novels Lethal Rage, Savage Rage, Secret Rage, and Blood Rage.  “Mr Armstrong’s Brother” was his first horror short story, but not his last.  Retired now, Brent spends his time working on the next Rage novel and whatever frightening ideas pop into his head.

Matt Piskun – Writer

Matt lives and writes in South Jersey where he works as a pharmacist and not so secretly plots dominion over the eastern seaboard. He currently has six short stories published, none of which contain the phrase “vainglorious dolt” but he vows to use it one day. Follow his steep decline into madness at

Lee Pletzers – Writer

This native New Zealander lives to write. He is the author of several speculative fiction novels, short stories and chapbooks. He is the editor of seven anthologies (all horror) and he is the New Zealand Rep for the International Order of Horror Professionals. You can find him hanging around or

Ed Plotts – Writer

Ed Plotts, a student at Temple University working toward a career in English education, loves to write as much as he loves to scare. As an avid fan of horror, sci-fi, suspense, and all things dark, he enjoys writing about the things-that-go-bump-in-the-night. Previously published in Starving Artist, he couldn’t survive without the support and critique of his friends and family…especially his scrawny little brother.

Aaron Polson – Writer

Aaron Polson is a high school English teacher who dreams in black and white with Rod Serling narration.  When he isn’t arguing about the definition of irony with his students, he can be found chipping away at some twisted tale.  He currently resides in Lawrence, Kansas with his wife and two sons. His short fiction has appeared in various places, including Reflection’s Edge, GlassFire Magazine, Big Pulp, Johnny America, and Permuted Press’s forthcoming Monstrous anthology.  You can visit him on the web at

Bruce L. Priddy – Writer

Bruce L. Priddy is a writer and editor living in Louisville, KY. His work can be found at WeirdYear, MicroHorror, Flashes in the Dark and the Lovecraft eZine, where he also serves as co-editor. He is the creator and editor of, publishing original apocalyptic and Lovecraftian flash-fiction twice-a-week. More information can be found at

John M. Radosta – Writer

John M. Radosta teaches English near, Massachusetts. He has written several novels and short stories, and his work has appeared in Pudding Magazine. His settings range from ancient Greece to the Boston underworld, but they all share strong ties to mythological tales. John lives in with his wife and son and dog, readers all.

Pete Rawlik – Writer

Pete Rawlik’s literary criticism has appeared in the New York Review of Science Fiction and the Neil Gaiman Reader. His fiction has appeared in Talebones, IBID, Crypt of Cthulhu, Tales of the Shadowmen Volume 7: Femme Fatales, Dead But Dreaming 2, and the forthcoming Future Lovecraft. His lifelong fascination with horror began at the age of four when his father read him “The Rats in the Walls” as a bedtime story. His collection of Lovecraftian material borders on the pathological and has on occasion been deemed socially unacceptable. As of 2011 he has yet to be charged with any crimes. His doctor hopes that through therapy and a proper regiment of anti-psychotics he will soon be fit to stand trial.

A. Reader – Writer

Annette has had stories published in the magazine Dark Tales and the webzine AlienSkin Magazine and she also has stories in the anthologies 39 Emergency Exits and Something for Everyone.  She currently has stories accepted at Midnight Street, Horror In Words and an as yet unnamed anthology.  If asked, Annette will tell you that the reason she writes horror is because she has been drawn to dark fiction all her life – it isn’t a preference – it’s a calling.  Annette has many motto’s.  Her top two are: “If it’s got writing on it she’ll read it” closely followed by “Why use 1 word when 10 will do”.

Sarah Reece – Writer

My name is Sarah Reece and I am beginning my last year at Harrison High School. I plan on continuing my studies at Purdue University in veterinary medicine and animal biology. Writing has always been a hobby for me, and when tied in to all aspects of animals, and in Substance Sixteen, exploitation of animal testing and cruelty, writing becomes a medium for all passions in my life.

Adnane Rehane – Writer

Adnane Rehane teaches English as a foreign language in a Moroccan High School . In his free time, he reads books ranging from fiction of all sorts to non fiction – chiefly those of history and religious studies. Currently he is gathering data to write articles he hopes to publish in academic journals in the near future. Besides, he likes writing horror short stories with speculative elements within. His stories appeared in Flashes in the Dark, The House of Horror, and The Shine Journal, but as some of the online publishers closed doors, he recently turned to print markets where he got acceptances from Night To Dawn and Morpheus Tales. A little more can be found about him in his blog:

Michael Reyes – Writer

Michael Reyes is a writer from Brooklyn. His fiction has appeared in Weird Tales, Cirsova, Red Sun Magazine, Dark Eclipse, 31 More Nights Of Halloween by Rainstorm Press, and Twisted Boulevard by Elektrik Milk Bath Press.

He’s an Iraq War veteran and playwright with an avid interest in entheogens.

Gary Reynolds – Writer

Gary Reynolds has been writing science fiction on and off for a number of years, sometimes more successfully than others, and finally feels as though he’s getting the hang of it. When not writing sci-fi while sitting on the commuter train to his day job as a Software Engineer in London, he divides his time between his family in Kent and burying his head in books. Visit him on the web at for further information.

Sara Richard – Artist

Sara Richard is an illustrator with published work in Terminal Press’s Zombie Bomb Anthology and Prehistoric Times magazine. She has also done sculpture work for Hasbro toys on lines such as Jurassic Park , Star Wars, GI Joe and Marvel. Sara is working on creating her own comic series combining Paleo-Art, Fashion, and action in a series called, “Paleo-Femmes.” Also in the works are a couple children’s books and illustrating Rudyard Kipling’s Mowgli’s Brothers for Pictorical’s smart phone application for viewing classic books.

More of Sara’s illustrations can be found at along with a list of her upcoming appearances at conventions and other events.

On a more personal note: Sara enjoys hang gliding, dinosaurs and comics. Her personal goal in life is to visit Mt. Roraima in Venezuela and have her own “Lost World” Adventure.

Stanley RiiksReviewer

Stanley Riiks is a genius. It’s official, he’s a signed up member of MENSA and everything. Oh, and it’s pronounced Ricks if you were wondering. Stanley Riiks describes himself as the action man of fiction, but with the appendage attached and in fully working order. He can prove it if you like.

Stanley Riiks is a writer and critic, currently more critic than writer, his work has appeared in numerous magazines, journals and books. 

Stanley Riiks enjoys starting every sentence with his name and writing about himself in the third person.

Apart from writing and critiquing Mr Riiks (yes, you may call him that) leads a scholarly life involving as much sex, money, travel, crime and punishment as possible. There is also some alcohol involved in there somewhere.

Also, his latest project is as part of the Morpheus Tales review team.

He is on myspace and has a blog where nobody reads his work:

Andrew Roberts – Writer

Andrew Roberts has been having his short stories published in magazines for more years than he cares to remember. He has had scripts both produced and pulled from broadcast by British TV under sub iudice rulings, and has also received honourable mention in Ellen Datlow’s year’s best lists. He is still waiting for someone to show him where the money is but that won’t stop him.

Philip Roberts – Writer

Philip lives in Nashua, New Hampshire and holds a degree in Creative Writing with a minor in Film from the University of Kansas. As a beginner in the publishing world, he’s a member of both the Horror Writer’s Association and the New England Horror Writer’s Association, and has had numerous short stories published in a variety of publications, such as the Beneath the Surface anthology, Midnight Echo, and The Absent Willow Review. More information on his works can be found at

Ford Robinson – Writer

Ford Robinson strives to write the kind of stories that keep readers up at night. His work can be found in an array of journals, magazines and anthologies under a variety of names.

Edward A. Rodosek – Writer

Edward A. Rodosek is a Construction Engineer, Senior Professor in Faculty of Civil Engineering, Ljubljana, Slovenia, European Union. Beside his professional work he writes science fiction. He is author of four novels and twelve collections of short sci fi stories. More than fifty of his short stories have been published in SF magazines in USA, UK, Australia and India. He has recently published in the collection of his short stories: Beyond Perception.

Wayne C. Rogers – Writer

Wayne C. Rogers is a Las Vegas resident, who presently works in a casino as he strives to become a full-time writer. He has a number of short stories and novellas on both Amazon’s U.K. and U.S. Kindle store. He has since written two horror screenplays that are based on his novellas, The Encounter & The Tunnels. They are now being shopped around Hollywood. He has also written a hardcore crime-noir novella, Dolan, and is busy turning it into a movie script.

Charles D. Romans – Writer

I am a long-time fan of horror and folklore, and have discovered that you can learn a lot about people by discovering what makes them afraid. At present I live in Eastern Kentucky , in Greenup County , where you can hear a werewolf howl for miles. My wife and daughter assure me that it is actually coyotes, but the dog and I aren’t quite convinced…

J.B. Ronan – Writer

J.B. Ronan lives and works in Central Pennsylvania with her son and two adorably insane cats. Her obsessions include anything that has to do with the ocean, photography, zoology, studying the dark side of humanity and history, writing, and thunderstorms. Some of her previous works have appeared in Twisted Dreams Magazine, The Absent Willow Review, and

Russ Root – Artist

Russ Root, 26, has been a character artist and graphic designer since he was in his late teens, selling sketches and paintings to put fuel in his car. He and wife Cio studied at Chico State, where Russ nurtured his talent and expanded into creating custom jewellery and cutlery. For the past year, he has returned to his passion for illustration. He lives in the Mohave.

His art has been displayed at the Red Arrow Gallery near Joshua Tree National Park, and in coffee houses in Yucca Valley and Chico, California. His works appear in numerous Southern California private collections, and on the web.

Russ can be reached at or view some of his latest by visiting his profile at

Naomi Brett Rourke – Writer

Naomi Brett Rourke, a.k.a. Tricia Guest, is an author and a teacher living in the South Bay area of Los Angeles county with her husband Tim. She has three children, three step-children, five grandchildren, two cats, a dog, and a tortoise. When not writing, she can be found with a book in her hand, very often reading two or three at a time, with murder mysteries being her favorite. With degrees in both English and Theatre Arts, Naomi has directed over 25 full stage productions including works by Arthur Miller, Thornton Wilder, and William Shakespeare. Naomi is currently working on two novels, a play, and several screenplays; she is very good at multitasking. Visit her on her facebook page at

Brian Rosenberger – Writer

Brian Rosenberger is the author of As the Worm Turns and three poetry collections. He lives in a cellar in the Southern United States and writes by the light of captured fireflies.

John B. Rosenman – Writer

John is an English professor at Norfolk State University where he designed and teaches a course in how to write Science fiction and Fantasy. He is a former Chairman of the Board of the Horror Writers Association and has published over 300 stories in places such as Weird Tales, Whitley Strieber’s Aliens, Fangoria, The Age of Wonders, and Hot Blood. John has published ten books, including SF action-adventure novels such as Beyond Those Distant Stars, Speaker of the Shakk (Mundania Press), A Senseless Act of Beauty (Blade Publishing), Alien Dreams (Drollerie Press), and Dax Rigby, War Correspondent (Lyrical Press). Visit him on the web at,,, and One of his interviews can be found at

Kent Rosenberger – Writer

My name is Kent Rosenberger, and I like to think I am the result of too many candy bars, Saturday morning cartoons, ’80s rock, breakfast cereal and classic science fiction books and films. I am the author of over thirty e-books available for review at and under my name, including novels, poetry and short story collections. I like to write things that make people see ordinary events in a slightly skewed way. My work has previously been published in such magazines as 365 Tomorrows, Big Pulp, Weird Year, The Absent Willow Review, Orion’s Child, Title Goes Here, Flash Shot, Resident Aliens, Death Throes, Schlock!, The Digital Dragon, Danse Macabre, Aphelion and Bumples. I am also the winner of the 2011 Title Goes Here short story contest.

John Rovito – Writer

John Rovito is a novelist, short story writer, blogger, and professional speaker, as well as Founder of Razzor Cat, a creative agency specializing in the development of mobile apps and websites. A graduate of New York University , he currently lives in Upper Saddle River , NJ .

M J P Ryan – Writer
M J P Ryan landed in the picturesque pit of Gosport on the South Coast of England some years ago, and after tiring of humanity in general, fashioned a small shelter from all the books he could scavenge and went into semi hibernation. He now sends tentative tentacles into the world in the form of short stories, occasionally adorned with addictively sticky poetry, in the hope of snaring a captive audience for his upcoming novels.

Rob Sagirs – Writer

Before taking a long hiatus from short stories to write his first novel, Rob had been published in Deathrealm, Fantasy Macabre, Cabal Asylum, Aberrations, The Edge and a host of other long lost magazines. He owned a used bookstore for ten years specializing in genre fiction, and has also done long stints as a manager at a comic book licensing company, as well as a large book distributor. He currently does overnight data entry work so he has time to write and play tennis tournaments during the day.

Scott M. Sandridge – Writer

Scott M. Sandridge learned how to write through hard work,

trial-and-error, and the occasional writers’ workshops. His fiction has appeared in Mindflights, Ray Gun Revival, Silver Blade Chimeraworld #6: New World Disorder, and The Four Horsemen: An Anthology of Conquest, War, Famine, & Death. His story, “Sleep Paralysis,” was a top ten finisher in the 2008 Preditors & Editors Readers Poll for the category of Short Story – Horror. More information can be found at

Leon Saul – Writer

Leon Saul has spent the last five years teaching English in an elementary school in Seoul, South Korea. Currently, he is back home in the United States pursuing a Master’s degree in education. This is his first published story.

Craig Saunders – Writer
Craig Saunders is the author of over thirty novels and novellas, including Masters of Blood and Bone, RAIN and Deadlift. He writes across many genres, but horror, humour and fantasy (the Rythe tales) are his favourites.
Craig lives in Norfolk, England, with his wife and children, likes nice people and good coffee. To find out more visit:

Christian Saunders – Reviewer

Hailing from the village of New Tredegar, south , Christian Saunders began writing in 1997. His early fiction appeared in titles such as Asphalt Jungle, Raw Nerve, Roadworks and several anthologies. His first book, Into the Dragon’s Lair – A Supernatural History of Wales was published in 2003, shortly before he moved to Southampton , England , to study journalism at Solent University. After graduation he worked extensively in the freelance market, contributing features to numerous international publications including Fortean Times, Bizarre, Urban Ink, Beyond, Enigma, Record Collector, Maxim and Nuts, and a regular column to the Western Mail newspaper. Since his return to the horror fiction fold in early 2009 he has had stories run in Screams of Terror and Shallow Graves and another featured in the anthology Return of the Raven. His novella Apartment 14F: An Oriental Ghost Story is available on Damnation Books. He currently teaches English writing in Hunan Province, China.

Visit him at


J.Y. Saville – Writer

J.Y. Saville is a disillusioned physicist, educated alongside Morpheus Tales contributors David Lear and LeMat (though not at the same time). Her fiction has appeared in 365 Tomorrows, Every Day Fiction, and on the BBC 7 website, and she sometimes reviews books for SFReader. She has recently come out as a Doctor Who fan, and spends more time than she ought to blogging about writing at

Jonathan J. Schlosser – Writer

Jonathan J. Schlosser is a student at Grand Valley State , though not for much longer. He writes horror, science fiction, fantasy, and all sorts of stories that are just mixed bits and pieces of those three. His professors frown on this sort of writing, but he doesn’t mind. He frowns on their high tuition rates. So it’s all even in the end.

Jon has published fifteen short stories as of July, 2008, and is working on a number of novels. He has completed one, False Teeth, which has not been published as of yet. He is also working as Editor for the Candlelight anthology. More can be found at his website:

Ty Schwamberger – Writer

Ty Schwamberger is an award-winning author & editor in the horror genre. He is the author of a novel, multiple novellas, collections and editor on several anthologies. In addition, he’s had many short stories published online and in print. Three stories, “Cake Batter” (released in 2010), “House Call” (released in June 2013) and “The Halloween Hero” (optioned in 2014), have been optioned for film adaptation. He is an Active Member of the International Thriller Writers. Learn more at or follow on Twitter @SchwambergerTy.

Adam R. Shannon – Writer

Adam R. Shannon is a career firefighter & paramedic, as well as a writer, hiker, cook, and dog wrangler. He and his wife care for two German Shepherds, a free-range toad, and a colony of snails who live in an old coffee pot. He has survived Botulism and being stung by a swarm of bees, suggesting that things beginning with “B” have it in for him. His website is

K. Sheehan – Writer

K. Sheehan is a writer from New York who has managed to make the most of a mind gone mad. He is the author of the critically acclaimed novel, Father Exorcist, as well as the mad cap thriller, Should Old Acquaintance Be Rubbed Out. He has also published dozens of short horror stories in magazines like The Harrow, Tabard Inn, Insidious Reflections, Gathering Darkness and Screams of Terror, to name a few. He blames McDonald’s and congress for his dementia. You can keep track of K. Sheehan’s antics at

Shane Simmons – Writer

Shane Simmons is an award-winning screenwriter and graphic novelist whose work has appeared in international film festivals, museums and lectures about design and structure. His art has been discussed in multiple books and academic journals about sequential storytelling, and his short stories have been printed in critically praised anthologies of history, crime and horror. He lives in Montreal with his wife and too many cats. Visit him at, or follow him on his Amazon author page, Facebook and Twitter @Shane_Eyestrain.

Marge Simon – Writer

Marge Simon is married to Bruce Boston. Her works appear in publications such as DailySF Magazine, Pedestal, Urban Fantasist, Bete Noire. She edits a column for the HWA Newsletter, “Blood & Spades: Poets of the Dark Side,” and serves as Chair of the Board of Trustees. She won the Strange Horizons Readers Choice Award, 2010, and the SFPA’s Dwarf Stars Award, 2012. She has won three Bram Stoker Awards ® for Superior Work in Poetry and has poetry in HWA’s Simon & Schuster collection, It’s Scary Out There, tbp 2016. Marge also has poems in Darke Phantastique, Qualia Nous collections, Chiral Mad 3 and Spectral Realms, 2014-2015.

Peter Simon – Writer

Peter Simon is a British social support worker for adults with learning disabilites, as well as a freelance writer. He publishes mostly sci-fi and fantasy, as well as the occasional health article. In his spare time Peter enjoy long-distance cycling and swimming. He also loves aromatherapy.

Justin Simpson – Writer

Published horror fictionist and creator of the cult-followed Saturday Night Grindhouse (, Justin Simpson often forgets there are other genres aside from horror. A huge fan of Clive Barker, Rob Zombie, and the Misfits, he feels that in order to be successful, art needs to be terrifying. As a graphic artist, videographer, musician and writer, Justin knows his passion is in horror and his audience is there as well. Other genres exist, they just don’t matter. He makes a point to do something creative every day, and that’s why he started Mr. Simpson’s blog ( for daily creative writing among other things.

Martin Slag – Writer

Martin Slag lives and works in the South Side of Pittsburgh, where nothing bad ever happens. His favourite thing to do in the world is to write in front of a window when it snows. He has been published in several places, some of which you may have even heard of. In Fall 2009 he was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. In his free time he likes to drink vodka and chase skirt.

Heather Smith – Writer

Heather Smith attended York College of Pennsylvania and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literary Studies. So far, her poetry has appeared in The York Review and The Broadkill Review, and her essay on J.R.R. Tolkien was released by the Internet Review of Science Fiction.. In addition to her publication in Morpheus Tales Magazine, a short science fiction piece is due to be published in Pill Hill Press’s Daily Flash 2012 anthology and a short paranormal piece will be appearing in the April 2011 issue of Ethereal Tales Magazine. Her erotic fiction can be found in various dark corners of the world wide web under the pen name Heather Lin.

Richard Smith – Writer

Richard Smith is a part-time writer of dark and speculative fiction.
His short stories have been featured in publications including Morpheus Tales, Dark Tales, Twisted Tongue, and, most recently, the anthology Nuclear Town USA. Tales have also been posted online at Spinetinglers, Shadeworks, Flashes In The Dark and Dark Fire Fiction.
Richard lives in England with his wife and two children, and family dogs Coco and Flake.
New tales involving life, death and alternative realities are currently in progress.

Tommy B. Smith – Writer

Tommy B. Smith is a writer of dark fiction. His presence currently plagues Fort Smith, Arkansas, where he resides with his wife and their two diabolical cats. More information can be found on his author website at

Willie Smith – Writer

Willie Smith is deeply ashamed of being human. His work celebrates this horror. He resides under a rock somewhere deep in the bowels of Seattle. His novel OEDIPUS CADET is available from or Black Heron Press. You may also witness him embarrassing himself at:

R. J. Smuin – Artist

R. J. Smuin was born in Burley Idaho, on December 7th, 1978. Born into a family of eccentric, creative individuals, he found passion for Art, and creativity at a very young age. His career began to take off in early 2006, when he submitted several drawings to an art exhibit in Washington DC, and sold every piece. One  of his images was also used as an illustration for the article about the show in the Washington post. Since then, he has been serious about taking his work, and his career to new levels. He has exhibited his work in several Gallery exhibits, and has been published in several Magazine publications. He is also an experienced Tattoo Artist, and an award winning Tattoo designer. Recently, he launched a website called Sinister Vision Productions, which contains,  a Biography of his career as an artist, several things for sale, and news updates on his progress in his career as an artist. R. J. Smuin lives alone in his studio, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Interested in learning more about R.J. Smuin, go to

Alan Spencer – Writer

Alan Spencer’s first two novels are The Body Cartel (Damnation Books) and Inside the Perimeter: Scavengers of the Dead (Living Dead Press). His short stories have appeared in the magazines Morpheus Tales, Black Ink Horror, and House of Horror, and also in the horror anthologies, Book of the Dead 2, Love is Dead, Twisted Fish, The Book of Cannibals, Dead History, and in the fall, Toe Tags 2.

Ian Sputnik – Writer

Ian Sputnik is a reader and writer of horror and other dark fiction. Born in February 1969, he lives in South East England and works in Canary Wharf, London. Although new to the realm of writing, starting in September of 2014, he has had four short pieces published in Sanitarium Magazine: The Darkness, The Thing That Goes Bump In The Night, Meal Deal & Eyes.

He is currently working on several new story ideas with the hopes of transforming at least one of them into a full length novel.

Arthur Staaz – Writer

Arthur Staaz lives in a labyrinth built of arcane alphabets. Arthur Staaz is the evil spawn of a deranged metaphysician and a wandering succubus. Arthur Staaz sees words carved in the shadows and written across the nighttime sky. Actually, Arthur Staaz is a figment of the imagination of a gloomy lawyer from New Hampshire, USA. His writing, in one form or another, has been published or is scheduled to be published in Nameless Digest, The Haunted Traveller, Blood Reign Literary Magazine’s Silent Scream anthology, and Neutrons Protons, as well as on Pseudopod. Arthur Staaz lives in a world that is cold, dark and empty. Sounds inviting, doesn’t it? Why not visit him there? You can find him at

Craig W. Steele – Writer

Craig W. Steele is a professor of biology and health services at Edinboro University in northwestern Pennsylvania. In his continuing quest to become a widely-read unknown writer, his work appears in numerous anthologies, literary journals and magazines. He last appeared in Morpheus Tales #19 (“Shadows of the Tear Stones”).

Jonathan Stevens – Reviewer

Jonathan Stevens is currently a professor of physical chemistry at the University of Detroit Mercy and has been a fan of science fiction and fantasy literature for thirty-four years.

Graeme Stevenson – Writer

Graeme Stevenson is a member of the Glasgow SF Writers Circle. He has previously sold fiction to PostScripts and has been featured in Estronomicon e-zine.

Christopher Lee Stine – Artist

Christopher Lee Stine was not named after the British actor who played Dracula and Count Dooku, but he has been drawing and painting most of his life. He counts artists like Gerhard Richter and Dave McKean as his influences. He served in the United States Army and is a graduate of Penn State University. He resides in , Pennsylvania. To view other examples of art from his studio, Phantastic Visions, go to or type in Phantastic Visions: Art of Christopher Lee Stine.

Nicholas Stirling – Writer

Nicholas Stirling is a teacher from Ancaster , Ontario . He is currently trying (and mostly failing) to balance work, an in-progress Master of Education degree, fatherhood (one daughter and another on the way), marriage to his high school sweetheart, and an overactive imagination. When tiny windows of opportunity open he tries to blog at Exercising Monsters, or write, or draw, or ride his longboard without falling off too much. His current heroes are Neil Gaiman and Sir Ken Robinson, though neither has yet responded to his offer of brunch.

Jason Sturner – Writer

Jason Sturner grew up along the Fox River in northern Illinois. He is of European and Native American descent. Of his many jobs, the most interesting were bird bander, graphic designer, and botanist. His stories and poems have appeared in Space and Time Magazine, Star*Line, Tales of the Talisman, Mythic Delirium, and Liquid Imagination, among others. He currently lives near the Great Smoky Mountains. Website:

Jeff Suess – Writer

Jeff Suess has been published in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds at Pocket Books, as well as Phobos Books, Post Mortem Press, and Wicked East Press. He has also written for Animaniacs and Ben 10 for DC Comics. He lives with his wife and daughter in Cincinnati , Ohio

Wayne Summers – Writer

Wayne Summers grew up in Kojonup, Western Australia. He has been writing since high school and had many pieces of work published in the local newspaper. At 17 he moved to Perth, the capital city, to attend university. He studied primary school teaching and majored in art and craft. He now works as an English language teacher and counsellor. He has had quite a number of horror and fantasy stories published in both the UK and the , both in print and in online e-zines. Most of his inspiration for writing comes from music or dreams, and he finds the time just after he goes to bed the best time for ideas. He also writes erotica under a pseudonym.

Visit him at: or

David Surface – Writer

David Surface lives and writes in Irvington, New York in an old brick house a few yards from the Croton Aqueduct Trail near the home of Washington Irving (whose ghost visits occasionally). His stories have been published in Supernatural Tales, Shadow and Tall Trees, the Tenth Black Book of Horror, and the new Darkest Minds anthology from Dark Minds Press. He also writes a blog, Poe’s Doorknob, on the many faces of horror in fiction, film, and life, at He is thrilled to be published for the first time in Morpheus Tales.

P. H. L. Svensson – Writer

Residing in Uppsala, Sweden, P. H. L. Svensson is eeking out his existence as a paper boy and sometime contributor to poetry and other magazines. On his own label he has published a cook book, a short story collection and a novel; the last-mentioned, “Antropolis”, takes place in a future city state where the forces of technology and spirituality battle for supremacy. A fan of sf and fantasy since his teens, Svensson apart from writing likes to sing and paint.

John F.D. Taff – Writer

John Taff, who lives outside of St. Louis, Missouri, has been a published writer for more than 20 years now, mostly in the horror and suspense fields. He has more than 45 stories in publication, in such markets as Cemetery Dance, Eldritch Tales, Aberrations, Deathrealm and 2 A.M.  He’s been published in anthologies such as Hot Blood: Fear the Fever, Hot Blood: Seeds of Fear, and Shock Rock II.  Four of his shorts have been selected as honourable mentions in the Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror over the years.  He also has seven novels in print.

Brett Taylor – Reviewer

Brett Taylor is a writer/photographer from Mossy Grove , TN. He has written reviews for Shock Cinema and Video Watchdog since 2003. He has published articles and photos in The South Carolina Review, Green Mountains Review, Asian Cult Cinema, Filmfax, Paracinema, and Big Muddy, and he was briefly employed as an actor/still photographer on a slasher movie, Brood X (, starring the late Eugene Welgemoed, brother of Seether frontman Shaun Morgan. He enjoys whiskey, card games, firing guns, walking in the woods, and pretty much anything that doesn’t involve actual work. Also, he amuses himself by writing humorous bits for The Spoof ( and The Cynic ( )

Edward Taylor – Writer

Updated Bio: Hailing from the small college town of Newark, Delaware, Edward Taylor splits his time between writing and raising his two shoggoths with his thankfully understanding and patient wife Kelley. At times he can be seen in the back of a roller rink announcing for some of the hardest folks on the hardwood with Diamond State Roller Derby. Follow him on FB –

Dale Terrell – Writer

Married to a wonderful woman, Jen.  They have three dogs and live in the worst part of town.

Lee Thompson – Writer

Lee Thompson lives in Michigan and has worked in the logging, fitness and trucking industries. He has work forthcoming in some fantastic print and online thingee-majigs. He reads for Dark Recesses and Horror Library Vol. 4. And he’s reworking a couple of novels with the help of some talented editors.

You can send him your hate mail here:

Cameron Trost – Writer

Cameron Trost is a writer of strange, mysterious, and creepy tales about people just like you. He is the author of Hoffman’s Creeper and Other Disturbing Tales and The Tunnel Runner, and is the creator of Oscar Tremont, Investigator of the Strange and Inexplicable. He hails from Australia but now lives in France, between the rugged coast of Brittany and the vineyards of the Loire. Castles, forests, storms, and whisky are a few of his favourite things.

Matthew Turbeville – Writer

Matthew Turbeville was born and raised in Lake City, S.C. He has studied writing at Clemson University, Boston University, and Florida State University. He has previously been published in Deep South Magazine. Matthew is only somewhat superstitious.

Sarah Turkowski – Artist

Sarah is from Chicago where she received a BFA in Illustration. She has studied many areas of illustration such as advertisement, editorial and publishing, package design, and product design. She also has explored web design and typography. Sarah draws inspiration from art found in other cultures such as tiki sculptures and sugar skulls. Sarah’s work is also inspired by all things dark and mysterious such the works of Edgar Allan Poe. Her work can be found on her website:

David Turnbull – Writer

David Turnbull was born in Edinburgh but now lives and works in London. His short fiction has appeared in numerous publications and anthologies including Read by Dawn volume I and Volume II and Raw Terror. This autumn he has short short stories due for publication in Mertales, a UK anthology by Wyvern Press and in Terminal Earth on Pound Lit in America, as well as a story to be featured in the upcoming first issue of Singularity Magazine.

Mark Turner – Proof-reader

Mark Turner lives in the Mallee desert oasis town of Mildura in the sunny Aussie outback. A Staffer with Aurealis magazine, he’s a sucker for work and is taking on more with Morpheus Tales. Can be found on writers’ crit’ sites under assorted pseudonyms to protect the innocent. Has been accused of acts of gratuitous editing. Known to organise safaris to hunt down the spag and typo gremlins. They’re invisible, you know, but you can find them by the trails they leave across the page. One day he’ll make corrections fast enough to catch up with them, then the gremlin blood and guts will flow and they’ll pay…oh, they’ll pay! Till then, he fights the good fight to keep the dark side of typos and grammar at bay. The little pink pills help too…

Steve Upham – Artist

Steve Upham is a freelance artist and designer from South Wales . Although trained in traditional media, he now works mainly with digital tools for his illustration work. His artwork has appeared on book and magazine covers by various small press publishers, including Pendragon Press, Guaranteed Books, Atomic Fez, Twisted Tongue, BeWrite Books and Undertow Publications.

He also runs his own small press, Screaming Dreams, which publishes the free Estronomicon eZine, a selection of free eBooks, plus a range of book titles in print. The website is dedicated to all things fantasy, sci-fi and horror. You can find more information at:

Cesar Valtierra – Artist

Cesar Valtierra hails from the sun soaked desert of the wild, wild western city of El Paso, Texas. He wields a pencil like an outlaw gunslinger, drawing up a storm since the tender age of two. He is infamous throughout the land for his provocative ink drawings, his meticulous vector illustrations, and his eye catching graphic design work. Like a thief in the night, Mr. Valtierra is a man of few words but one who with his work makes quite an impression. He follows the beat of his own drum and answers to no one; except of course, his fiancée Victoria, the love of his life, his inspiration and muse. And their two cats, Chubs and Pretty Boy.
If you think you can handle the awesomeness, feel free to check out his work at and of course his comic book featuring the adventures of Balazo, the pint-sized detective at

Fred Venturini – Writer

Fred Venturini lives and writes in Carlyle, Illinois. Horrific things do not happen in that idyllic town, so he makes them up. Occasionally, those stories appear in magazines and anthologies, such places as Sinister Tales, Dark Distortions 2, Writer’s Post Journal, Susurrus, and others. Even more rarely, he gets a check for something he has written and pays the light bill with the money. He is still waiting for the Cubs to win the World Series.

Pablo Vision – Artist

Pablo Vision is a multimedia art anarchist operating from his ‘pensive citadel’ of self-imposed exile. Work by, for, and about him can be found at:

Caleb Voorhees – Artist

Caleb Voorhees is a 30 year old artist that lives in central IL.

Deborah Walker – Writer

Deborah Walker grew up in the most English town in the country, but she soon high-tailed it down to London, where she now lives with her partner, Chris, and her two young children. Find Deborah in the British Museum trawling the past for future inspiration or on her blog: Her stories have appeared in Nature’s Futures, Cosmos and Daily Science Fiction and The Year’s Best SF 18. 

Clay Waters – Writer

Clay Waters has had short stories and poems published in The Santa Barbara Review, Liquid Ohio, Abyss & Apex, and Literal Latte. He lives and works in New Jersey, but by rights should have been born in England. His story aside, he can confirm that Los Angeles is in fact a very friendly town with a limited but functioning subway system – you can even walk in L.A.!

Anthony Watson – Writer

Anthony Watson is co-founder and co-editor of Dark Minds Press ( alongside Ross Warren, publishing collections, anthologies and a series of novellas.

As well as this, he runs a horror review blog “Dark Musings” (found at:

He also writes and has been published in State of Horror: Louisiana from Charon Coin Press with his story Indigo. He has also been published in Sanitarium Magazine which featured his short story “Elder’s End”. His most recent publications are the war/horror novella “Winter Storm” in a six author collection Darker Battlefields from The Exaggerated Press, “Forlorn Hope” in Far Horizons magazine and “Stitches for Smiles” in a new horror magazine Worlds of Strangeness. Forthcoming are appearances in the The Beauty of Death Vol 2 and The Black Room Manuscripts Vol 3.
His weird western novella “The Company of the Dead” made up a double-header with Benedict J Jones’ Mulligan’s Idol in Volume 1 of Dark Frontiers. Work has begun on Volume 2.

2017 will see the publication of his novel, Witnesses, by Crowded Quarantine Publications.

J. S. Watts – Reviewer

J.S.Watts lives and writes in the UK. Her poetry and short stories appear in a diversity of publications in Britain, Canada, Australia and the States including: Mslexia, Plasma Frequency and Polluto and have been broadcast on BBC and Independent Radio. She has written three books: a full poetry collection, “Cats and Other Myths” and a multi-award nominated poetry pamphlet, “Songs of Steelyard Sue”, both published by Lapwing Publications and a novel, “A Darker Moon” – a dark literary fantasy, published in the US and the UK by Vagabondage Press. Further details at:  and on Facebook:

Paul Williams – Writer

Paul Williams is a writer best known for his study of the wolf in England, Howls of Imagination, published by Heart of Albion in 2007. He also wrote The Mystery Animals of Great Britain: Gloucestershire and Worcestershire and has contributed articles to magazines such as BBC History and Ripperologist. His short stories include contributions to the anthologies Doctor Who Short Trips Past Tense, and The Blackness Within. A full list is at:

Oscar Windsor-Smith – Writer

Born in Cheshire , UK , Oscar now infests rural Hertfordshire sustained by one charitable wife and tolerated by four semi-feral cats.

He has had fiction, poetry and non-fiction published in print and online in markets such as Flash Fiction Online, Every Day Fiction and The View From Here.

Other credits include a novel short-listed for the Writers’ & Artists’ Year Book centenary competition, a horror piece performed professionally in London and readings at Sparks events in Brighton .

Oscar was a finalist in the New York City Midnight Short Story Challenge 2012.

He blogs at and on Twitter he is @OscarWindsor.

Cyrus Wraith Walker – Writer

Cyrus Wraith Walker lives in Portland , Oregon and is a senior of excellent standing at Portland State University . He is finishing his bachelor’s degree in Arts and Letters with a minor in writing. Upon graduation, he intends to go on to achieve a master’s degree in Book Publishing so he can support his writing habit. “Decaf Was it, or Just Idios?” was published in Write Around Portland’s Spring 2009, Ten Year Anniversary edition, North of North, volume 11, number 1; book review of The Haunting of Sam Cabot by Mark Edward Hall, review published by Midwest Book Review January 2010, Volume 10, Number 1 of the Reviewer’s Bookwatch; Painter’s Green, Published by Damnation Books LLC, e-book and trade paperback editions, June 2010.

Deborah Walker – Writer

Deborah Walker grew up in the most English town in the country, but she soon high-tailed it down to London, where she now lives with her partner, Chris, and her two young children. Find Deborah in the British Museum trawling the past for future inspiration. Her stories have appeared in Fantastic Stories of the Imagination, Nature’s Futures, Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet and The Year’s Best SF 18 and have been translated into over a dozen languages. 

Jay Walker – Writer

Jay has spent a great deal of his working life in creative industries; tattooing, airbrushing, sculpting etc. He was a keen writer from a young age and always veered towards dark fiction. He has had short stories published and currently has two novels under consideration.

Randy Wall – Artist

Randy Wall aka Maddrandall has been illustrating and designing for over 20 years.

Randy and his design company , Artlab design and development, have worked in many different fields of art from book illustrations to designing for Chip and Pepper and B.U.M. Equipment L.A. Over the last 10 years or so Randy has been designing, sculpting and developing toys, branding and packaging for companies like Action Products, BBel, Earthlore , Poof-Slinky, Ideal and others.

Randy has designed, illustrated and sculpted for many cool projects like Jurassic Park Lost World toys, DropZone action figures, Extreme home makeover, Trading spaces, Road Kill cookbook, Marvel. DC and has created dozens of figures and creatures for other projects. Artlab keeps Randy busy working on projects like toy design, logos, product branding, retail p.o.p displays, illustrations, cartoons, animation, T-shirt graphics, action figure sculpting, product development, comic books, Tattoos and anything else that comes his way.

Randy attends Toyfair in Newyork in Feb to do some networking, meet with friends and dig up work.

He is a pop culture, synthesiser, fashion, art, horror and toy lover. Randy has a huge collection of toys, action figures, special effects props and strange oddities on his studio shelves.

He also plays keyboard and synthesisers in a band on his spare time.

Randy grew up on Mad, Heavy Metal magazine and Warren publications like Vampirilla, and Creepy. These where great influences. He chills out by painting, making music, sculpting, writing, and inventing. Artlab design and development is located in Winnipeg, Canada.

Check out Randy’s and Maddrandall’s artwork at, or

Rhian Waller – Writer

I recently earned an English Literature and Creative Writing BA, and am about to begin a Postgrad doctorate in Creative and Critical writing. I’ve produced stories of various quality since I was five, and have published a handful of poems in magazines such as Cause and Effect and The Harrow. I would very much like to publish some more.

Kevin Wallis – Writer

Kevin has had work published in various ezines, print mags, and anthologies. He is Senior Editor of Liquid Imagination (, an ezine devoted to modern fantasy fiction, poetry and art. He is father of three, husband of one (apparently there’s some sort of law), and plans on encrypting a diabolical spell to enslave the masses within the pages of his first novel.

Robert Walton – Writer

Robert Walton is a life-long rock-climber and mountaineer. He retired from teaching middle school after thirty-six years and is now a full time writer. Three of his short stories about climbing were published in the Sierra Club’s Ascent. A dramatized version of his “Three’s a Crowd” was broadcast on KUSF and PBS in 2006. Most recently, his “Don Francisco Rides to La Paz ” won first place in the Saturday writers 2008 contest.

Clay Waters – Writer

Clay Waters has had short stories and poems published in The Santa Barbara Review, Abyss & Apex, Big Pulp, and Literal Latte. He lives and works in New Jersey, but has lived the equivalent of a year in England via holidays alone.

Bill Ward – Writer

Bill Ward is a freelance writer out of Baltimore, Maryland. He has sold fiction to Murky Depths, Flashing Swords, Every Day Fiction, Darwin’s Evolutions, Kaleidotrope and the anthologies Northern Haunts, The Age of Blood and Snow, The Return of the Sword, and Desolate Places. In addition Bill has written background material and serial fiction for fantasy and science fiction games, has done editing for small press ventures, and is co-editor of the Magic & Mechanica Anthology from Ricasso Press. To read his fiction or check out his weekly book reviews please visit

Hunter Welles – Writer

Hunter Welles works as a computer programmer and odd jobber in Bemidji, Minnesota.  His is the author of Solomon the Peacemaker.

Nathan Wellman – Writer

Nathan Wellman is a Theatre Major and Creative Writing Minor at Morehead State University in Kentucky. He is currently finishing up a three book fantasy/suspense series of novels. This is his first professional publication.

Ryder Wells – Writer

Ryder Wells is a seventeen year old college student in Clearwater, Florida that writes works of dystopia and the macabre in his spare time. He lives with his older brother, mom and their dogs. His stories have appeared in Blood Moon Rising, Sinister Tales, and Static Movement.

Ian Welsh – Artist

Ian Welsh was born in the murky bogs of Florida. He grew up with a love for comic books, heavy music, history and horror. He started out doing Spawn and classic horror drawings at a young age. He moved away from art for a few years after picking up music.

He combined his love for music and art when he started up again at the age of 16 working for a metal magazine based out of Tampa, FL doing designs and posters. He soon started doing art for local bands. He is now doing art work for bands all over the world and doing work for various magazines and publications all before the age of 21. His work combines a love for realism at one spectrum and another spectrum is touched with influence from the swampy primordial wilderness around him. His biggest inspirations are Gustave Dore, Jim Lee, Bernie Wrightson and Anton LaVey.

He is also a accomplished musician in the area playing hundreds of shows with signed national and international acts, as well as putting out eps and albums with previous acts and is now working on a southern friend Sludge band called Gray Ghost. He has had his work published, shown in galleries and museums and worn by multitudes. He is pursuing a Masters of Fine Arts in the Tampa area, working on his dream of doing illustrations for comics and graphic novels.

Spencer Wendleton – Writer

Spencer Wendleton is a freelance horror author. His work has appeared in the magazines Children, Churches, and Daddies, Camp Horror, Thirteen, Midnight Times, Blank Ink Horror,,, Morpheus Tales #3, The Monsters Next Door #6, House of Horror Issue #3, and Sex and Murder Issue #2. The author’s first novel, “The Body Cartel,” will be released by Damnation Books under the penname “Alan Spencer.”

Emma Westwood – Writer

Emma Westwood is a writer and journalist based in Australia. As a media correspondent, her writing has appeared in numerous magazines and newspapers in both Australia and South East Asia – everything from travel writing to classical ballet and Italian horror movies. Her first clandestine viewing of The Exorcist at age 11 kicked off a love affair with the horror genre that has endured the test of time. Monster Movies is her first book for Pocket Essentials.

Sheri White – Proof-reader/Editor

Sheri White has been published in several small press anthologies and magazines, including Edo Van Belkom’s Be Very Afraid and Decadence 3 edited by Monica J. O’Rourke.  Recent acceptances include the Bigfoot Among Us anthology and the Daily Flash 2012 anthology.  She is also a book reviewer for several online horror sites and is a guest blogger for Forgotten Flix and Alternate Realities Radio. Sheri lives in beautiful Jefferson , MD with her husband, three kids, two dogs and a black cat named Magic she considers her familiar. Check out her blog at

Laura Widener – Writer
Laura Widener is a wife, mother, and coffee addict living in rural Georgia. She holds degrees in Sociology and Human Services, and with the support of her family, is on track to complete her MFA in Writing at Lindenwood University in March 2016. Her previous fiction work can be found in TWJ Magazine.
P. Emerson Williams – Artist
P. Emerson Williams is an artist, musician, actor and writer ho works in a creative continuum that draws upon an interest in the arcane and esoteric. His passion is for embodying the mythic in visual media and melding visual art with narrative form. P. Emerson Williams has collaborated with writers James Curcio, Nathan Neuharth and illustrated Bedlam Stories: The Battle Of Oz And Wonderland Begins, the first novel in Pearry Teo’s series Bedlam Stories. As a musician he has worked with SLEEP CHAMBER, Jarboe, Manes, kkoagulaa among many others.
You can learn more about his work at:

Richard Wolkomir – Writer

Richard Wolkomir’s SF & F stories appear in various literary journals. He’s published two anthologies of his works: Riders of the Dust-Gray Steppe and Frankie & Johnny, & Nellie Bly . He’s also published two fantasy novels, Wil Deft and Sinnabar, print editions available through most bookstores, including Barnes & Noble and For e-books, go to Check them out at Or click: Or see them at

Andrew James Woodyard – Writer

Andrew James Woodyard resides in a dark corner of Southern California, and is an illustration student at Cal State Fullerton. In addition to Morpheus Tales he’s also been published in Phineas Literary Magazine. He writes science fiction, fantasy and horror stories, and draws abstract and horror themed artwork. He grew up roleplaying his way through Ravenloft and loves a good nightmare once in a while. His artwork can be viewed at falconire’s deviantART gallery

Michael Wooley – Artist

Michael Wooley is an avid Science Fiction junkie and collector of all things geeky. He is a frequent collaborator/contributor to the website and probably consumes more caffeine than is humanly healthy. You can see more of his artwork at 

When he’s not chained to his drawing table or writing about himself in the third person you can find him recording music under the name Spiral Path.

Tina Williams – Proofreading

Tina Williams is a student who also specializes in proofreading and corrections for fiction and non-fiction work, magazines, blogs, etc.  I also provide typing services for any kind of work.

Because of my educational background, I have special knowledge of the Criminal Justice Field, including Criminology, and Forensic Psychology.  I am working on my Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology, and this education has allowed me to develop an expertise in the APA (American Psychological) format.

I have a personal interest in Cryptozoology, the Paranormal, and the horror genre, and would love to work on anything related to these subjects, both fiction and non-fiction.

Jezzy Wolfe – Writer

Jezzy Wolfe is the web mistress in charge of art and design at CHOATE ROAD, a horror lover’s playground, and co-host of the blog talk radio hit, The Funky Werepig. Her dark fiction can be found in various publications such as The World of Myth ezine, Twisted Tongue Magazine, The Odd Mind Magazine, as well as Choate Road’s KNOCK KNOCK…WHO’S THERE? DEATH! She will also be appearing in HARVEST HILL (a Graveside Tales anthology), and the 2009 LADIES AND GENTLEMEN OF HORROR, both due for release in October 2009.

Samantha Wood – Writer

Samantha Wood lives in far-too-sunny San Diego, where the heat waves often keep her confined to her room. Conveniently, her room contains a writing desk and piles upon piles of genre fiction. One day she plans to put it all in storage and wander around the world with nothing but a passport and a backpack filled with notebooks. And maybe a change of clothes.

William R.D. Wood – Writer

William R.D. Wood lives in Virginia ’s Shenandoah Valley in an old farmhouse turned backwards to the road. His profound love of horror and science fiction routinely leads him to destroy the world, whether by alien artefact, zombie apocalypse or teddy bear.

Trevor Wright – Reviewer/Columnist/Editor

Trevor Wright is a former journalist turned screenwriter/producer currently working in the indie horror scene. His first two feature films, SCULPTURE and THE GREEN MONSTER are scheduled to be released in 2009.

He resides in Virginia with his wife Heather where he is looking forward to a long career not only writing indie horror films but reviewing them within the pages of Morpheus Tales Magazine.

You can contact Trevor at on his facebook page: he is always looking to meet new people interested in writing, film, or just horror in general.

Joe Young – Artist

Joe Young is a professional artist and writer living in Frankfurt, Germany without the usual wife, children, cat or dog, but with his amazing fiancé on hand to prevent him from living a pointless existence. A former Circus Clown and full-time responsibility dodger Joe’s pastimes include reading, cooking, all manner of craft work, researching a wide variety of subjects, and web design. Joe always wrote for pleasure until his best friend nagged him into sending some of his work out. Joe has since been published in The Exaggerated Press: Wordland 2, and in The British Fantasy Society Journal as both Author and Reviewer. Artistically his previous successes include a couple of sell-out art exhibitions in the UK as well as mural work for special events. More recently he has adopted Photoshop as his weapon of choice, working on his own projects as well as creating book covers for David A Riley and Kevin G Bufton. Joe is currently plotting his own website for public release in early 2014. In the meantime he can be contacted via his facebook group:

Randy Young – Writer

Randy Young considers himself a “jack-of-all-trades” and “a master of none.” Ever since his high school days he has had a varied interest that has pulled him from one thing to the other. When some people settle on one thing and do it well, he has always found that one thing is not enough. He has a published Children’s Book, writes short stories in various genres, illustrates stories, and paints Acrylic on canvas. He also works at a high school during the day in the Special Ed Department. At night, he teaches math at the local junior college in the GED classes.

C.E. Zacherl – Artist and Writer

C.E. Zacherl is best known for the intense depth of detail woven into each of his illustrations.  The mood sculpted by these shocking aesthetics is both sinister and surreal; a seamless compliment to his prose which spans both the poetic and perverse.

His artistic works may be seen as the album covers and promotional material for bands such as DragonSong, Wyld Dark Heart, and Cryptic Blue as well as illustrating source books for RPGs such as Ad Emag and Avalon LLC.  His design of the ‘Wizardry’ logo for Technica Corp resulted in Corporate awards and his illustration ‘…strangers look on.’ is displayed on the Official Lost Boys: The Tribe Fansite and has received accolades from both Autumn Reeser and G Tom Mac of Lost Boys fame.

Morpheus Tales Magazine will feature his first literary publication in the form of the short story ‘Plague’.  He is currently undertaking many more twisted short stories for similar publication as well as developing his character driven horror novel ‘Unhuman’.

C.E. is a Virginia based freelance artist/writer whose enlistment in the United States Coast Guard will have him working dynamically in New Jersey, California, Virginia, and Georgia. Winner of the Audience Choice Award for best artist featured in the Art Gallery at the Horrible Imaginings Film Festival in San Diego, California.

Paul Williams – Writer 

Paul Williams is a writer best known for his study of the wolf in England, Howls of Imagination, published by Heart of Albion in 2007. He also wrote The Mystery Animals of Great Britain: Gloucestershire and Worcestershire and has contributed articles to magazines such as BBC History and Ripperologist. His short stories include contributions to the anthologies Doctor Who Short Trips Past Tense, and The Blackness Within. A full list is at

Alexander Joseph Williamson – Writer

Alexander Joseph Williamson is not a cursed man, nor is he superstitious at all. Unfortunately, the tapping creature outside of his bedroom window was never told this.

A. David Zapata – Writer

A. David Zapata was born in 1970 in NYC. He is a diabolical horror writer by night and an innocuous blue collar worker during daylight hours. He is husband to his lovely wife of two years and is also father of four hyperkinetic boys obsessed with all things ninja. Having relocated just outside Augusta, Georgia, he hopes to one day grow up and become a Superhero.

Jack D. Zeidman – Writer

Jack Zeidman is a teacher/published writer who lives with the love of his life, his beautiful wife, Gladys, in Los Angeles, California. He is currently seeking to publish his collection of short stories. He has composed numerous short stories and poems, written and produced a variety of school holiday programs, and is currently working on a screenplay. He and his soulmate love animals, old movies, music, the beach, baseball, and, most important of all, studying the Bible. As they journey through life together, their faith provides Jack and Gladys with the deep, abiding support needed to weather the storms of this life.  Both of them believe, however, that after every storm there may be a wondrous rainbow, and at the end of that rainbow is peace and happiness.

Mark Zirbel – Writer

Mark Zirbel is a dark fiction author from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Much of Mark’s work combines elements of horror with a twisted sense of humour, such as his story “Bags,” which was published in the anthology Deathgrip: Exit Laughing and received an Honourable Mention in the 20th edition of The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror (St. Martin’s Press). 

Other anthologies featuring Mark’s stories include Groanology: Amusing Monster Mash-Ups Unleashed, Dead Bait, Cthulhu Unbound Volume 2, Book Of Shadows Volume 1, Chimeraworld 4, Black Box, Shadow Box, and Peep Show Volume 1. His work has also appeared in numerous magazines (Cthulhu Sex, Bare Bone, Redsine) and webzines (Shadowed Realms, Cherry Bleeds, Suspect Thoughts).

Alex Zivko-Clark – Writer

Alex lives with his wife, Ines, in northern Croatia. Writing aside, he enjoys cycling and playing his electric guitars. His fiction appears on The Horror Zine, Silverthought and Microhorror.

Lee Clark Zumpe – Writer

Lee Clark Zumpe, a fiction writer living in the Tampa Bay area with his wife and daughter, earned a bachelor’s degree in English at the  University of South Florida. By day, he is a proof-reader and entertainment columnist, more eccentric than mild-mannered, working for Tampa Bay Newspapers. Lee’s inclination toward horror manifested itself early in his childhood when he began flipping through the pages of Forrest J. Ackerman’s Famous Monsters of Filmland, and reading Gold Key Comic classics like Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery, The Twilight Zone and Grimm’s Ghost Stories. His short stories and poetry have appeared in a variety of publications such as Weird Tales, Space and Time and Dark Wisdom and in the anthologies Horrors Beyond, Corpse Blossoms, and Cthulhu Unbound, Vol. 1.


Ewa Zydowicz – Artist

My name is Ewa Zydowicz (born 1989) and I’m a Polish full-time student of Celtic languages and literature, and a part-time amateur photographer. I have won several prizes in photography competitions and also reached the semi-finals in the “Portrait of a woman” contest held by one of the biggest Polish TV stations. My first significant experience with photography was gained after receiving an old Zenit-E camera from my father. Since that time I’ve experimented with several different cameras – Smena, Lubitel, Druh Synchro, and finally bought myself a Canon EOS. And although I love the immediacy of digital photography, I still like to come back to the excitement and anticipation that only an analogue camera can provide.


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